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Water forms in the Philippines


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Important Facts about the Philippines : 

Important Facts about the Philippines 1.Area: 300,000 sq. km (116,000 sq. miles) but 95 percent of this is formed by the 11 larger islands, on which 95 percent of the people live.

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2. Our country is an archipelago of 7,107 islands in the Pacific Ocean.

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3. There are over 100 regional dialects. The Philippines is the world’s third-largest English-speaking country next to the United States and the United Kingdom.

Important Facts about the Phil. : 

Important Facts about the Phil. 4. Once, we were a colony of Spain for more than three centuries (1521-1898). In June 12, 1898, we declared our independence as a republic under the presidency of General Emilio Aguinaldo.

Important Facts about the Phils. : 

Important Facts about the Phils. 5. We are the first Southeast Asian nation to gain Independence. But we became a possession of the United States in 1898 (through the Treaty of Paris).

Important Facts about the Phils. : 

Important Facts about the Phils. In 1946, we once again gained our independence. We were the first Asian colony to become independent following World War II. Today, our country’s population is estimated at 96,061,680 million people as of the latest national sensus last July 2008. We come from different ethnicity. Some are of Malay descent, some are of Chinese descent, others are of Spanish descent, others still are of American, and many more.

Water Forms : 

Water Forms Ocean Sea River Lake Bay Strait Waterfall Spring Stream Pond Creek Gulf

Ocean : 

Ocean It is the biggest and deepest salt water form. There are five oceans in our world and they are the Pacific, Indian, Atlantic, Arctic and Southern Ocean also known as the South Polar Ocean. It serves as a gateway to east and west trading.

Sea : 

Sea It is a smaller body of water. It is also near a land. Example of seas near the Philippines are the South China Sea on the west, Sulu Sea and Celebes Sea on the south and the Philippine Sea on the east.

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Siargao, Philippines

Bay : 

Bay It is a part of the sea which is shallow and narrow. Part of it is surrounded by land. Benefits for bays is that it is a great help for transportation and trade Bays are landing places for ships. Examples of Bays are Manila Bay, Iligan Bay, and Gingoog Bay

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Palawan Coron Bay

Strait : 

Strait Is a very narrow stretch of water between two islands that connects two bigger bodies of water. Example is the San Juanico Strait and the Surigao Strait.

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3. San Juanico bridge Longest Bridge in the Philippines Steel structure built in 1973 during the Marcos administration 2.16 Kilometer bridge 43 Spans and 41 Meters High.  Located at the San Juanico Straits

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