Student C Figurative Language

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Figurative Language:

Student C Figurative Language


Team Name: Shouting slithering snakes Example: Soap slips slimy sticky snakes Alliteration Game: I took my friend to Alabama, with an ape, and we ate acorns. I took my friend to Baltimore, with a bat, and we bought bags. Alliteration

Alliteration bonus slide :

What is alliteration? Alliteration is the repetition of the initial consonant sound. In a sentence there should be at least a couple repetitions in a row. It also adds more detail and makes stories more fun. Why do you like it? I like alliteration because I really like tongue twisters and they are always funny. Alliteration bonus slide


My dog is so ugly, he doesn’t even have to bark to scare people. This town is so small, it makes a grain of sand look big. My teacher is so old, she remembers when the earth was born. Hyperbole

Hyperbole bonus slide:

I am 5 feet tall. Stretching the truth a little-I am 5’ 6” tall. Hyperbole-I am tall enough to touch the sky. Hyperboles are extreme exaggerations. Hyperbole bonus slide


Feeling blue= sad Cat has your tongue= nothing to say Going bananas= going crazy Idioms

Idiom bonus slide:

What are idioms? Idioms are sayings that to me sound funnier than saying the real meaning. Some of my favorite idioms are-going bananas, stuffed to the gills. Idiom bonus slide


Example words Drip Woof Bang Onomatopoeia

Onomatopoeia (Continued):

Example Sentences 1.Drip, drip,…drip. The faucet is leaking. 2.WOOF WOOF WOOF! That dog has kept me up all night. 3.Screeeeeech BOOM! The car crashed into the light pole! Onomatopoeia (Continued)


The dust danced around in the air as the wind gently blew. The car was very happy when it got clean at the car wash. The computer worked very hard to read its hard drive. Personification


Simile sentences for chocolate The chocolate was as dark as the soil in the garden. The chocolate is as tasty as could be. The dark chocolate was as dark as the night. Simile


Metaphor sentences for chocolate White chocolate is white cloud. Chocolate is heaven in my mouth. Dark chocolate is nature’s candy in my mouth. Metaphor

Simile and Metaphor bonus slide:

Similes and metaphors are similar because they both compare two things in a sentence. The difference between a simile and a metaphor is that a simile compares two things using like or as. Simile and Metaphor bonus slide


Example oxymoron’s All alone Bad luck Fully empty Oxymoron

Oxymoron (Continued):

Example sentences Sometimes at my house I am all alone. My least favorite luck is bad luck. Oxymoron (Continued)

Oxymoron bonus slide:

I don’t think that sleeping beauty is an oxymoron because sleeping and beauty aren't really opposites there just different a little. Oxymoron bonus slide


Figurative language is important in both language and reading because it helps you understand more when you read and when you write you can write more humorous interesting things. Conclusion

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