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Figurative Language:

Figurative Language By Student


Alliteration Team Name: Pretty Pink Princess Ponies Example: Picky Peter Pan plays with paper planes, pelicans, and pans. Alliteration Game I took my friend to Hollywood, with a new hairdo, and we were greeted by Hayley Williams I took my friend to Ecuador, with an eggplant, and we got to ride an elephant.


Hyperbole The town I grew up in is so isolated, it makes ghost towns look popular. Your sister’s so skinny, she has to run around in the shower to get wet. The boy’s ears are so big, they look like you could stick a megaphone inside them.


Idioms “Feel like a million dollars” means you feel good about life. “On pins and needles” means you’re really anxious. “Wasn’t born yesterday” means I’m not dumb.


Onomatopoeia Meow Boom Buzz Screech


Onomatopoeia We heard a loud crash outside our window. She made a big splash in the pool. The constant drip from the faucet drove me crazy!


Personification The wind howled, keeping me from sleep. The sun was beating down on us and making us sweat. The clouds kept hiding the sun and wouldn’t let it peek through.


Simile Chocolate is like a piece of heaven. I love chocolate as much as I love life. Chocolate is like melting butter.


Metaphor Chocolate is heaven. Chocolate is the sun in my sky. Chocolate is a fluffy cloud in my mouth.


Oxymoron “If I could drop dead right now, I’d be the happiest man alive.” “Simplicity is not a simple thing.” “To lead the people, walk behind them.”


Oxymoron You are such a big baby! I love all the modern history. The landscape over there is growing small now.


Conclusion Figurative language is important in both reading and writing because in writing, it adds more detail and imagery to what your writing. In reading because it’ll help you better understand what the writer wrote.

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