Fruits and Vegetables

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A powerpoint presentation about food for beginning level ESL students


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Food Fruits and Vegetables

What are these?: 

What are these? They are vegetables.

Make a list of five vegetables.: 

Make a list of five vegetables. Broccoli Mushrooms Lettuce Peppers Carrots


What are these? They are fruits.


Make a list of five fruits. Bananas Pears Strawberries Lemons Apples

Can you name these vegetables?: 

Can you name these vegetables? Celery Peas Garlic Onion

Can you name these fruits?: 

Can you name these fruits? Cantaloupe Blueberries Coconut Lime

Interview a partner: 

Interview a partner What is your favorite fruit? What is your favorite vegetable? My favorite fruit is ________________. My favorite vegetable is ____________________.

What a great job!: 

What a great job! Thank you

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