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Advertising Locations:

There are many different places that a distribution company can choose to market a film, whether it be indoor or outdoor. Common locations to place film posters are buses, billboards, and the cinema. Advertising Locations


Buses Buses are the most conventionally form of advertising, this is because they're constantly moving meaning they can market the film to more people and reach a wider audience. Public transportation such as buses are often used by people between the ages of 13-17 which fits perfectly with the audience we are targeting. 

Bus stops:

Bus stops Bus stops are another very common form of advertising as many people will see it, while they're walking past it, waiting for a bus, or simply stuck in traffic while in their car. As mentioned before our target audience are people between the ages of 13-17 who will most likely find themselves in a position where they pass a bus stop and will see our poster.


Billboards Billboards are very large , for this reason they stand out when in public, they usually have more information on it because of their size, and are placed in heavily populated locations. It's rare that you'll find an independent film on a billboard as they tend to not have A list celebrities in their films, meaning the audience wont know the person on the poster and not watch the film .


Underground Train stations are another form of public transportation that our film poster can be advertised in. Hundreds and thousands of people pass through train stations hourly making it an easy way to alert the public of an upcoming film.

Social media:

Social media As our target audience are teenagers social media would be a convenient place to advertise Project ELEVEN. Almost all teenagers have some sort of social media account whether it be Instagram , Snapchat or Twitter. We could place the poster or the trailer on their timeline under the 'sponsored ad' or 'something you might be interested in' tab.

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