Effective Tips to Consider When Renting an Apartment

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Effective Tips to Consider When Renting an Apartment All around the globe residentially moving around is quite a task that can get on the nerves if not managed properly. Not only does it result in weeks of effort in apartment hunting it also leads to great work involved in packing, moving and then again unpacking. With hundreds of things going on the mind and almost fifty percent of the work not getting done the way it should, one must atleast get the fact straight that only the perfect and most suitable apartment should be chosen for rent. It becomes a place where atleast one year has to be spent may it be alone or with family and this responsibility becomes quite frightening if the wrong apartment has been rented on. Builders in Kochi have been developing apartments with the following considerations in view to make them state of the art and comfortable residential spots, however, tenants should beware and check on personal level before closing the deal

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Keep the eyes, nose and ears open When visiting an apartment to choose for rental, check each and every possible nook and corner of the house for possible damages and need of repairs. Builders in Kochi are bound to hire agents for rentals and in case of a sub-standard apartment, the blame game between builders and agents begins if the tenant moves in without having all fixtures done. The kitchen cabinets, cupboards, bathrooms and balconies should be checked for any foul odour which may indicate infection, insects, seepage or broken parts that need repair. Point out if anything needs repair and get it done before moving in. Carry along a camera, it is a must Previously heard and seen by people living in the west it has now become quite important for tenants in India as well to keep cameras along when visiting apartments for rental or closing deals of rent. It is important as sometimes there are certain fixtures needed in an apartment or colouring needed which the tenant does not get done and while leaving the apartment the landlord cuts off money from advance payment for the repairs blaming the tenant for bringing the apartment in the condition. It is wise to take down pictures with the date option on so that evidence of the apartments condition while moving in is secured.

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Check all water related issues before closing the deal Water is that necessity which should not be taken lightly at all as living without proper supply of water is almost next to impossible. Almost all builders in kochi keep this element in focus when constructing buildings, but even with that a lot of complaints and water issues go around when feedback is taken. Tenants must make sure that water heater is not leaking; it operates effectively and does have any repair needed. One must open all faucets of the house to check how long it takes for the water to come in taps and whether the water supply is connected to multiple homes. Having multiple homes connected simply means there might be water shortage or water timings if it is not for 24 hours, so take information accordingly. Safety measures and construction done with its accordance Only the latest developments and buildings done by builders in kochi have installed fire extinguishers and other safety precautions in the building. For old buildings where these facilities are unavailable, one must see if ventilation system is enough for ensuring that fire does not spread out too fast. Also safety exits from the building and secure areas around should be present at times of emergencies. These little points may see too far-fetched to look in to but as it is said caution is better than regret. Karikkamuri Cross Road, Cochin - 682 011 Kerala, India. Tel: +91 484 4118888 +91 484 2377885 (9:30 am - 5.30 pm) Fax: +91 484 2377886

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