SSM Company Name Search

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SSM Company Name Search:

SSM Company Name Search


Malaysia is passing through a Malaysian company commission to  register a Malaysia based company , known as SSM (Surprise Malaysia). SSM is a legal organization in Malaysia that was created by merging the Business Register (ROC) and the Business Registrar (ROB). SSM is responsible for the control of all companies and companies in Malaysia.


Conducting Company Name Search In order to start the process of registering a business, a potential trader will have to first name the research and hand it over to the SSM for approval. Only if the name of the company is already used or not as an existing company, then SSM will approve and continue to register for business.


How to Conduct the SSM Company Name Search Search for SSM company name can be done in 7 simple steps: Visit the SSM website at You will see an icon that says "Register as a member of an e-invoice" on the website. Click on it to get started Fill out the e-registration form that you have shown.


When you are finished, you will receive a message that you will need to log in immediately. Log in with your username and password When you sign in, go to the search icon and click on it Start by placing the name of the desired company in the search option If your requested company does not enter the search results, then your name will be available for use.


When you complete a research, process called SSM, then you will submit an application with SSS and officially register the name. When SSM accepts your company name, your company name will be reserved for three months. During this three-month period, you may need to complete the complete registration process and deliver all the documents of the same kind to your company.



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