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By: Shanteshia Ervin

Overview of Hershey History:

Milton Hershey started with a caramel shop in Lanchester , Pennsylvania in 1894 Largest manufacturer of chocolate in North America In 2011, employed 13,800 people Net Sales of $6.08 billion Overview of Hershey History

Hershey’s Slogan:

‘ There's a smile in every Hershey Bar’ Hershey’s Slogan

The Plan from the Start:

Make and sell a high-quality product at a fair price Provide meaningful work and fair wages to employees Give back to the communities where the company operated Be a good steward of the land and its resources The Plan from the Start

The Strategy:

To achieve growth and increase international sales Keep the consumer in mind The Strategy

The Mission:

Bringing sweet moments of Hershey happiness to the world every day. The Mission

The Values:

Open to Possibilities We are Open to Possibilities by embracing diversity, seeking new approaches and striving for continuous improvement. Growing Together We are Growing Together by sharing knowledge and unwrapping human potential in an environment of mutual respect. Making a Difference We are Making a Difference by leading with integrity and determination to have a positive impact in everything we do. One Hershey We are One Hershey, winning together while accepting individual responsibility for our results. The Values

SWOT Analyst:

SWOT Analyst Strengths Weaknesses The Hershey tradition Strong name and brand image Diversified Products Strong customer relationships Making a difference; a large part of their profits go towards Milton Hershey School for Orphaned Children Higher dependence on US market Borrowing Poor international performance, only 10% market share The increasing prices in cocoa makes with hard to keep customers happy

SWOT Analyst:

SWOT Analyst Opportunities Threats Hershey has many opportunities to expand it business in countries such as: Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam, where there are no large confectionery manufacturer. Mars and Nestle Mars has I greater power in European countries, Asia and Mexico.

Creating a Business Strategy:

Quality chocolate Diversified confectionary products Product Positioning Creating a Business Strategy

Crafting Business Strategy for Dynamic Contexts :

First Movers Speed of Change Understanding customers changing demand Redefine Arenas Broaden the geographic availability Crafting Business Strategy for Dynamic Contexts

Corporate Strategy:

Continues to expand their produce range in other non-confectionaries. Having an active role in the environment. Corporate Strategy

Going International:

Contractual Agreements and Partnerships Presence in over 70 countries Markets products international International subsidiaries in Mexico, Brazil, China and India Key Markets: United States Canada Mexico Brazil India China Going International


Joint-Venture Manufacturing Facilities (jointly operated with Hershey) Shanghai, China (49% interest) São Paulo, Brazil (51% interest) Mandideep , India (51% interest) Chittoor , India (51% interest) Alliances

Mergers and Aquistions:

H.B Reese Candy Company (1956) San Giorgio Macaroni and Delmonico Foods (1966); Manufacturing and marketing rights to English candy company Rowntree MacKintosh’s products (1970) Y&S Candies, makers of TWIZZLERS licorice (1977) Dietrich Corp.’s confectionery operations (1986) Peter Paul/Cadbury’s U.S. confectionery operations (1988) Ronzoni Foods (1990); sold in 2005 Mergers and Aquistions

Products for Aquistions:

Products for Aquistions

Organizational Structure:

Hershey developed 3 groups that focus on different regions U.S. commercial group Continue marketing and distribution in the United States International group Markets their products worldwide and pursuing growth in the key markets Global growth Builds global brands Organizational Structure

New Ventures:

Starting the Hershey Company Having innovation ideas New Ventures


Continue to broaden into different products Develop a name in more regions Understand customer desires Recommendations


http://www.thehersheycompany.com/assets/pdfs/hersheycompany/Hershey2011CSRReport.pdf http://www.thehersheycompany.com/about-hershey/our-story/hersheys-history.aspx Sites

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