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Singapore localization application is built by understanding all the localization requirements and workflows of Singapore HR, Accounting & Taxation rule & regulations As this application is thoroughly web-based, therefore, it’s easily accessible from any place. Visit us :-


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Singapore Localization ODOO V10 By SerpentCS

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About the Module Singapore localization application is built by understanding all the ​ localization requirements and workflows of Singapore HR Accounting Taxation rule regulations. We have understood the localization best practices and identified the opportunities to improve the localization processes. ​ Majorly This system would help organizations to keep and maintain the records of all the Singapore and Non-Singapore employee management with the enhanced features of employee leaves management payroll management Singaporean Charts of accounts with charts of taxes and income tax management and their reports generation included but not limited to that of the government standard reports which can directly be uploaded on government portants. As this application is thoroughly web-based therefore it’s easily accessible from any place.

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Key Features

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Employee Management 1. Employee creation a. Public Information b. Personal Information c. Statutory Requirements d. Educational Informations e. Other Information f. Training Workshop g. Leave History h. Extra Information i. Bank Details j. Dependents k. Foreign Worker Levy l. Hr Settings m. Job n. Immigration

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Employee Creation

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Public Information

slide 7:

Personal Information

slide 8:

Statutory Requirements

slide 9:

Educational Information

slide 10:

Other Information

slide 11:

Dependents Information

slide 12:

Leave History

slide 13:

Extra Information

slide 14:

Bank Details

slide 15:

Foreign Worker Levy

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HR Settings

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Training Workshop

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Singapore Chart of Account 1. Customer GST Fields 2. Supplier GST Fields

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Customer GST

slide 21:

Supplier GST

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Payroll Management 1. Contract a. General Information b. Contract i. Information ii. Expense Product iii. Work permit iv. Income Tax 2. Salary Rules and Categories 3. Employee Payslips with YTB Details 4. Upload File on A Single Click

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Contract - Expense Products

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Contract - Work Permit

slide 26:

Contract - Income Tax

slide 27:

Salary Rules for Payroll in Singapore

slide 28:

Salary Rules Categories for Payroll for Singapore

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Employee payslips with Pay By Cheque Total YTD Gross Total YTD PCB Total YTD

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Payslip Generated Forget to Add Bonus

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Create .xls file and upload it using Upload file select duration of payslip and all the payslip will apply that rule by a click on the Upload Button

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Singapore Reports 1. IT IR8A PDF/TEXT Report 2. IT IR8S PDF/TEXT Report 3. IT APPENDIX8A PDF/TEXT Report 4. GST F5 F7 PDF Reports 5. DBS Text File 6. OCBC Text File 7. CIMB Bank Text File 8. IR21 Report 9. Letter Undertaking

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Singapore localization IT Report-IR8A

slide 34:

Singapore localization IT Report-PDF IR8A

slide 35:

Singapore localization IT Report- IR8S

slide 36:

Singapore localization IT Report-PDF IR8S

slide 37:

Singapore localization IT Report-APPENDIX8A

slide 38:

Singapore localization IT Report-PDF APPENDIX8A

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Singapore Localization GST F5 PDF Report

slide 40:

Singapore Localization GST F7 PDF Report

slide 41:

DBS Text File Wizard

slide 42:

DBS Text File

slide 43:

CIMB Bank Text File Wizard

slide 44:

CIMB Bank Text File

slide 45:

OCBC Wizard

slide 46:

OCBC Text File

slide 47:

Singapore IR21 Report Wizard

slide 48:

Singapore IR21 PDF Report

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Holiday Management 1. Employees Leaves Allocations 2. Employees Leave Request

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Singapore Holiday Leave Management Get feature like Default Number of annual leave and carry forward Leave configurations in leave types annual leave allocation and carry forward schedulers according to Singapore manage additional Leave types.

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Employees Leave Request

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Custom Dashboard for all the Users

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