Serious Truck Accidents Lawyer in Dallas, Fort Worth


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Truck accidents in Dallas can lead to very serious injuries, damages, and losses. If you were recently injured in a truck accident, it is imperative that you soon consult a serious accident lawyer.


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Serious Truck Accidents Lawyer In Dallas:

Serious Truck Accidents Lawyer In Dallas

Slide 2: About Us!! Life after a serious truck accidents can be overwhelming. People struggle with pain caused by an injury. Often, they are unable to work. They fight to make ends meet while watching the bills pile up, and moving forward can seem impossible . We at the law offices of “Ted B. Lyon & Associates” , help people to move forward after serious truck accidents and help them in changing their lives. Our team of experienced trial lawyers has a record of success in Texas truck accident cases involving catastrophic injury or wrongful death. We handle cases involving many types of trucks , including 18-wheelers, construction equipment, delivery trucks and other commercial vehicles.

Slide 3: Education And Training Southern Methodist University School of Law, Dallas, Texas J.D. – 1975 East Texas University B.S. – 1972 Major: Political Science

Slide 4: Practice Areas: 18-Wheeler Truck Accidents Box Truck Accidents Concrete Truck Accidents Delivery Truck Accidents Dump Truck Accidents Garbage Truck Accidents Tanker Truck Accidents Driving Hour Log Violations DUI & Drug-Related Truck Accidents

Slide 5: 18 Wheeler Truck Accidents 18 wheelers are large and difficult vehicles to operate . Drivers are specially trained, and they are held to a much higher standard than other drivers . When these vehicles are involved in accidents, the potential for serious injuries is extremely high because they are comparatively huge and heavy in size. We have successfully represented countless victims who were in serious need of 18 wheeler accident lawyer in Dallas . If you have been injured in an accident involving an 18-wheeler or semi-truck, you would be well-advised to seek guidance from a well qualified attorney having complete information and possess skill related to your accident case for the same.

Slide 6: Box Truck Accidents Box trucks are some of the most common trucks which can be easily found on roads . These big, square vans are used as moving vans or delivery trucks. Box trucks can come in several different sizes. These trucks also referred to as cube trucks, cube vans, box vans or straight trucks can be rented to transport oversized goods or put into use by an inexperienced delivery driver. When inexperienced drivers get behind the wheel, they can cause deadly consequences. At Ted B. Lyon & Associates , we have the extensive experience necessary to hold box truck drivers accountable for the damage they cause. Our box truck accidents lawyers have represented people hurt by box trucks and other dangerous commercial vehicles.

Slide 7: Concrete Truck Accidents The heavy weight concrete truck can make the truck difficult to operate on Texas roads. It cannot stop quickly or turn sharply which can lead to rollovers. Concrete trucks can be especially dangerous when involved in accidents on Texas roads and construction sites. At Ted B. Lyon & Associates, we have seen the serious and deadly impact of concrete truck wrecks in Dallas . We as in a law firm know that these accidents can be life changing because of the severe injuries and families struggle to move forward after they occur .

Slide 8: Delivery Truck Accidents Delivery trucks are known for causing accidents for many reasons. Their drivers often face time pressures and race the clock to deliver packages on time . If you have been injured or if someone from your family or friends was killed by a delivery truck, in these complex cases, it often takes an experienced lawyer to investigate the facts, discover the true cause and hold the proper party accountable . Therefore there is a serious need to consult a highly eligible lawyer for your case . We have dealt with such cases and with our past experience we can help you get the rightful justice .

Slide 9: Dump Truck Accidents When a dump truck accident happens on a construction site, many workers believe they are limited to filing a workers’ compensation claim to cover the costs of their injuries . This is necessarily not true . There are several situations in which injured workers can recover additional compensation for dump accidents that occurred on construction sites. Dump truck accident cases are often complicated. They tend to cause serious injury or wrongful death . The dump truck owner may say that the driver was at fault and the driver may say that the truck was defective blaming each other for such matter thus it takes an experienced lawyer to stand up for the injury victim and his or her family.

Slide 10: Garbage Truck Accidents Garbage disposal job requires sanitation workers to come in close contact with garbage trucks and operating them in traffic. Garbage trucks often collide with smaller vehicles, pedestrians on Texas roads. These accidents most often result in serious personal injuries . Our law firm of Ted B. Lyon & Associates in Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas ; we represent people who have been seriously injured by sanitation trucks throughout Texas. Our four decades of work has given us the experience necessary to handle these serious and challenging cases. All our attorneys have distinguished themselves in the legal profession. We have won multiple awards and are respected by our peers.

Slide 11: Tanker Truck Accidents Tanker trucks are known for being dangerous because they carry deadly chemicals. When these trucks collide with other vehicles, the result is serious. Reports often include descriptions of flames and explosions . At the Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas, law office of Ted B. Lyon & Associates , we represent people who have been involved in tanker truck accidents or who have lost a loved ones. We discover the truth about tanker truck accidents. It lets us tell the accident victim’s side of the story, standing up for justice and holding negligent truck drivers and other parties responsible for the harm caused.

Slide 12: Driving Hour Log Violations Commercial truck drivers are required to keep accurate logs of their time on the job that include all of their on-duty and off-duty time over a 24-hour period, including the number of hours the driver was behind the wheel and the number of hours of sleep . The information contained in these logs becomes critically important in the event that a truck driver causes an accident that results in serious injuries. Truck driver fatigue is a contributing factor to the cause of many truck accidents, and the logbooks are frequently a key component in the process of building the victim’s claim for damages . We are recognized throughout the state for our proven capabilities in the handling of complex trucking accident claims. Through thorough investigation and detailed preparation, our attorneys have compiled an impressive record of success in cases on behalf of clients across Texas.

Slide 13: DUI & Drug-Related Truck Accidents Drivers need to be fully alert at all times when they are behind the wheel . In too many instances, commercial truck drivers consume alcohol or use drugs that impact their driving. When this reckless behavior leads to serious auto accidents, victims have the right to seek fair compensation for their injuries . We the “ Ted B. Lyon & Associates ”, have experience representing clients who have been injured by a truck driver who was driving while impaired by drugs or alcohol we are prepared to help you to seek the compensation you are entitled to receive.

Slide 14: A Quote For Success…. A former Texas State Senator, State Representative and police officer, I – Ted. B. Lyon, a distinguished trial lawyer with a lifetime commitment to serving people . I have a nationwide verdict records and received verdicts ranked in the Top 10 on three different occasions. Also I have been featured in local and national media coverage including “Good Morning America,” “60 Minutes ,” “NBC Dateline ,” Texas Lawyer, The National Law Journal, Dallas Observer and D Magazine . I am specialized in complex litigation involving personal injury, wrongful death, and products liability. Over the past 30 years I have represented clients in more than 150 jury trials as well as in settlements and arbitrations.

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Contact Us Ted B. Lyon & Associates18601 Lyndon B Johnson Freeway Suite 525 ,Town East Tower Mesquite, TX 75150 You can call us on 214-377-1623, 817-631-2923 and you can schedule an appointment. We serve people who have been seriously injured by an accident with a commercial truck in Texas cities, including Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Denton, Plano, Richardson, Tyler, Weatherford, Waco, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Amarillo, and Lubbock. Website link: Contact Us Today For Free Initial Consultation

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