Top 5 Tips that Can Reduce Bounce Rates


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Top 5 Tips that Can Reduce Bounce Rates:

Top 5 Tips that Can Reduce Bounce Rates


When it comes to a marketing campaign, email marketing is considered as one of the most effective. This marketing campaign allows business owners to send out advertising messages to different groups or individual email addresses. As they try to send out messages on a daily basis for a structured consumer engagement, they often neglect to check the status of their email lists or inbox.


As they often forget to check, they’re undelivered or bounce emails will continue to pile up until it floods the whole lists. This is actually okay if it does not really affect the marketer in any ways but most email vendors are charging the marketer for every email address they send so sending emails on invalid will cost them waste some money. They can actually avoid this by using a free online email list verifier to help them sanitize their email list.


Besides that, they should think of ways to lessen their bounce rate. To help them out, here are the following tips that could help them lower their Bounce Rate: 1. They should avoid buying, rent or even harvesting email addresses. Marketers tend to buy, rent and even harvest email addresses to increase the number of their recipient but they should be careful because they are not sure if the email address is valid or not. As a result, they are risking themselves from being blacklisted.


2. They have to utilize the use of Opt-in process. A single opt-in process was never enough to attain a quality email list. To ensure that their lists are all valid, they ask their recipients to confirm their subscriptions just by verifying their address. 3. They must find time to validate their old lists. If they haven’t check their email lists for a long period of time, they should certainly check the validity of the lists before they send out messages to the following addresses. The free online email list verifier can help them big time in determining the bad addresses on their lists.


4. They have to manage their delivery by using domains. If they observe that a certain ISP is blocking their emails, they should start an investigation to determine the root of the problem so that they can proceed to the process of removal. 5. They must check their messages from spam filters. In general, bounce email happens due to the fact that the message is being blocked by some content filters. They can lessen their bounce rate by identifying the problem and fixing the problem.


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