Beginners Guide to Baking Using a Toastmaster Bread Machine


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The majority of housewives are blessed with good baking skills and only some have to attend baking classes in order to learn how to bake simple bread. That is unfortunate, but they can now change their fate in baking thanks to toastmaster bread machine. With toastmaster bread machine, they can now bake all types of bread their kids and relatives will certainly love and enjoy.


But as a newbie in the baking world, it is understandable if they are still clueless on the things they have to do as they come face to face with state of the art machinery that can produce baked bread in no time. To begin with, it would be a lot better if they first unpack the machine and clean all its parts. While waiting for the parts to dry, reading of the manual would not hurt for the step by step beginners’ guide.


Do not try to be an expert and start with simple bread recipes. For first time bakers, it would be best if they use a bread machine mixer to help them out and so that they could observe the consistency of the dough in certain stages. They could start with a simple pizza dough until they became more familiar with flours and dough.


Be careful with ingredient substitutions. As a beginner, following the ingredients listed in a recipe should be strictly followed to ensure their baking success. Substituting of an ingredient is mostly done by professional bakers. As a reminder, whole wheat flour for white and all-purpose flour for bread are not ideal for replacement. Aside from that, all types of yeast are not the same. Replacing one type for another can easily ruin a delicious recipe.


Nothing is frightening about opening the machine’s lid. If the dough or bread is in the machine for 5-10 minutes, they should take a peek inside. By doing this, they can avoid certain problems during the baking process like the blade is not completely engaging to the mixture.


Make sure to stick with the Dough cycle. As the dough is placed inside the machine, they should stick with the machine’s manual when it comes to the proper dough cycle to ensure that the bread will be formed perfectly.


Investing in a quality Bake ware and accessories is a must! To achieve a nice bread crust, a good and quality pan is required. Besides that, all the necessary accessories are needed to ensure a perfect bread product.


Let the bread cook on its full potential. They are instances wherein the temperature inside the house is too cool, if this is the case the dough being baked in the machine might find it hard to rise. To perfectly cook the bread, placing the machine in a much hotter place is the best solution.


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