Y100 Host Sells Southwest Ranches Estate By Serge Francois


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Y100 variety offers South west Ranches Property is property containing of area and the elements on it.


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Y100 Host Sells Southwest Ranches Estate:

Y100 Host S ells Southwest Ranches Estate Serge Francois Automated Wholesaling Estate S ystems

Today’s Goals::

To give you the “bigger picture”—how to move from wholesaling deals to having a business that wholesales deals To ensure that you understand: The wholesaling business Why you get paid to wholesale properties The key skills you’ll need to have or get Today’s Goals:

Today’s Goals::

wholesaling is a false impression. It is not an creating an investment technique. It is more of an creating an investment quit technique. It is very essential realize that because techniques are really about how we are earning money like if we are rehabbing and rental choices. Today’s Goals:

The Big Picture::

Learn to do it: Get a quality home study program or seminar Study it thoroughly Understand the business, the customers, the process, the paperwork Do it: Talk to sellers and buyers Look at properties Evaluate deals Make offers The Big Picture:

The Big Picture::

Wholesaling should never be a main technique. It should always be an quit technique, but when you are first beginning out, most of your technique is getting out of out of as many offers as possible. So, wholesaling becomes the main concentrate for most traders. It is a wonderful factor because there is little threat engaged. The Big Picture:

Why Bother?:

Because as a “wholesaler”, you: Limit your income to the offers YOU have the a chance to do Rarely have plenty of your energy and effort to work on the “important but not urgent” things in your business As the owner of a wholesaling company, you: Can do endless deals Move into multiple markets Step away from the company, and it still makes money! Why Bother?

Because of this…:

Because of this…

Convinced Yet?:

Referring to that, there are so many different methods that we can general. I am going to discuss those as well, but what I want you to be obvious on is that wholesaling is really nothing more than the art type of managing qualities through agreements and then we allocate our privileges to those agreements to a new customer. Convinced Yet?

What Wholesalers Do: A Review:

We FIND MOTIVATED SELLERS Of the kinds of properties other investors want: bread and butter and rental properties We EVALUATE those deals What’s the ARV? What are the repair costs? What’s a good price for an investor/buyer? What Wholesalers Do: A Review

How do you bring value?:

How do you bring value? Because you’ve TRAINED yourself… To find those desperate sellers To understand your buyers To correctly evaluate a deal from the buyer’s perspective To handle the paperwork correctly and with no hassle to your buyers and sellers

Key Skills to Master:

Key Skills to Master Understanding what makes a good deal for your buyers Finding deals Evaluating deals Negotiating deals Selling contracts

Why we do it:

Why we do it Wholesaling is so many things. If anyone ever pigeon holds you and says that it is “finding properties as a discount and finding a cash buyer,” well, the problem is that is someone who has not experienced wholesaling or knows wholesaling like I do.

Why our SELLERS do it:

Why our SELLERS do it Estate property Out of town heirs Needed major updating Seller “didn’t need the money”, did need a 30 day close

Understanding “Supply and Demand” in the Wholesale Market:

Understanding “Supply and Demand” in the Wholesale Market “Supply” generally refers to LISTED properties There are ALWAYS motivated sellers in any market There are ALWAYS investors looking to make money in any market

Why “Sellers Markets” Are Charming:

Why “Sellers Markets” Are Charming Most investors—your buyers—ONLY know how to find properties that are offered TO them MLS properties FSBOs Sheriff’s sales/auctions etc

How to Find Deals When There are “No Deals”:

How to Find Deals When There are “No Deals” In a weak market, you focus on developing buyers H ot market (or bubble) you focus on: Finding off-market properties On-market properties in weak segments


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