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WearForm offers hi visibility clothing for all brands. You can choose as per industry’s demand. It’s really a great deal with lots of exciting offers. For make a quote email- info@wearform.com or call - 8662661888


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Reflective High Visibility Clothing:

Reflective High Visibility Clothing Guide


high visibility clothing are most eye catching & attractive apparels that is used in traffic signals, highway & road construction. These clothes are bullet resistant, flame resistant, reflective & fluorescent in color. So it ignore unwanted accident that can occur at any time. These clothes are also called PPE(personal protective equipment) that protects worker in dangerous situation. There are so many protective apparel such as vest, jacket, coat ,full sleeves shirts ,T-shirts, trouser, hoodies, over pants, coveralls & all. By wearing these apparel workers can feel secure at risky w ork place.


Variety of Hi-Visibility Clothing


In UK & its sub continent state, where majority of jobs are on road side. it is necessary for them to wear hi-visibility clothing for security point of view. hi-visibility clothing help worker to avoid accidents. second, its clothing should be on high fabric fluorescent in color, highlighted strips & ISO certified clothing. Since employees works on risky areas so it is mandatory to wear bright uniform for more visible. In ISO certified garments, there is three levels mentioned below- Class 1 Clothing - it shows lowest visibility level, in that hi- viz trouser with two 5cm reflective band around each leg . Class 2 Clothing- it has intermediary level & in that vest is widely used. (Mostly require for France bikers& others EU States ) Class 3 Clothing – it shows highest level of visibility in that, long sleeves jackets & trouser suit are avail.


Since hi-visibility clothing are most important apparel to wear so it is mandatory to think twice before purchasing these types of clothing. Cloth should be more comfort, durable , cool & moisture wicking. That is why most of people prefer reputed brand that have all the best qualities. Here, at WearForm we stock all type of hi-visibility clothing with various brands such as redkap , corner stone, port authority. You can visit www.wearform.com & see latest collection over there.


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