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EFFORTS FOR BETTERMENT Posted by theired May 10 2018 in International Journals The world is full of people who want to be the best in their respective fields. Do you think you compete in such a crowd Do you want to be ahead of people in your profession If yes then the answer is awareness and knowledge. The more you get aware about everything the better you can do in your field. In the absence of knowledge you cannot perform well. Your utmost motive should be to work on yourself. Where to begin with In case you want to make sure that you are growing and not stuck then try to become a part of talks and conferences. There are plenty of gatherings out there that can help you grow. Gatherings like international conferences have the potential to make you a better version of you. There are plenty of instances wherein you have to stay quiet because you don’t have an answer or you don’t know much about that particular concept. Well if you think that you have to work on that then why not start right away Once you visit a gathering that is full of intellectual people you are going to gather a lot of information skills and knowledge. You would get to learn the things that you otherwise might not be able to learn. Actually gatherings help you step out of your comfort zone. For example if you think that you lacks the confidence to talk to people or express your view of point to a bunch of people in your office or social talks it is the time to improve. In a Gathering of international conferences you can meet many new people and you can overcome your fear of talking eloquently. Similarly maybe you lack the excellence but gradually you would excel that skill. After all it is all about your efforts and results. The more you talk to people the better your skills would become. You are going to rise above your fears and talk to people in eye. It is all about how much you do that and how seriously you take it. When you practice a thing of and on you actually become better at it and that thing becomes a part of your routine. Maybe initially you find yourself as a fool among eloquent speakers or talkative people but soon you are going to grasp it all by yourself. You would certainly learn things that would help you grow in your life. Thus the bottom line is that you can always make efforts to become better at what you are lacking behind. You can become a part of these international conferences and you would definitely see a great change in your

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behaviour lifestyle and way of manners. You have no idea how this practice can change you for better and prosperous future.

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