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We Jay Water Management Pvt Ltd is India's most trusted Ro membrane Manufacturer Company, We are supply all types of reverse osmosis membranes for domestic, commercial and industrial water treatment application. We have been offering total water management solutions for more than two decades.


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Jay Water Management Pvt Ltd:

Jay Water Management Pvt Ltd Asia’s Leading membrane distribution company

Who We Are:

Who We Are A Largest Membrane Supplier We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the leading water treatment and waste water management solutions provider. Emerging as Asia’s largest membrane supplier and distribution company in 2016, we have spent over two decades of unparalleled quality and dedicated hard work in the water treatment industry. Owing to rising awareness of disadvantages of untreated water due to impurities such as dissolved salts, microbiological impurities and suspended solids; water treatment is essential to maintain the quality of life.

Product and Services:

Product and Services Toray Membrane Solahart PVA Gel for Waster Water Treatment Hashe ROPUR RPI Antiscalent

Toray Membrane MBR:

Toray Membrane MBR High Chemical Resistance & High Mechanical Strength PVDF ( polyvinylidene fluoride) gives the membrane superior physical strength and chemical resistance Easy Maintenance & High Permeability Flat Sheet “MEMBRAY” Delivers Smart MBR Process High Water Permeability & High-quality Effluent Toray Membrane BWRO TM720D Series TMG20D Series

Toray NF Membrane for Dyes & Other Applications:

Toray NF Membrane for Dyes & Other Applications Effective for de-salting as well as Dyes concentration with no dyes loss. Best for acid, reactive as well as disperse dyes Remove all impurities from dyes and improve the quality of dyes. Reduce manufacturing cost. High TC in less timing to save spray drying cost. Higher flux to save energy cost. Toray Ultrafiltration Membrane Highest flux in industry due to strongest fiber amongst all our competitors including Dow, Asahi, Inge , GE etc. This reduces the number of modules required. PVDF – Out to in – dead end fltration (cross fow possible, if required). Backwash flux of 1.1 times filtration fux . Normally backwash flux is 1.5 – 2.0 times fltration fux , for all manufacturers. Much lower downtime (for cleaning) as compared to our competition. Five years warranty (with first year cliff) as standard offering.

Solahart :

Solahart   Solahart  is the leading manufacturer of solar hot water systems in Australia and around the world, providing solar hot water to over a million Australian households and businesses . Solahart’s beginnings date back to 1901 in Perth when two entrepreneurs formed SW Hart and Co Plumbers and Ironworks to manufacture tanks, troughs and sinks for the pioneering community. In 1953 the company developed a method to harness the sun’s natural energy as a way to heat water, long before human induced global warming was even heard of.

Solahart J Series:

Solahart J Series Solahart 181J Key Features The Solahart J Series is a closed circuit, roof mounted solar water heater precisely designed to low-cost service in medium to high solar gain areas. Roof mount model to save space Reduces household greenhouse emissions Energy Saving-water heating energy use cut by up to 84% Low cost, Low maintenance and definitive operation Solahart 302J Key Features The collector contains the heated Hartgard fluid which transferred to heat exchanger where the heat is conveyed to the tank water. Roof mount model to save space Reduces household greenhouse emissions Energy Saving-water heating energy use cut by up to 89% Low cost, Low maintenance and definitive operation

KURARAY PVA Gel For Waste Water Treatment:

KURARAY PVA Gel For Waste Water Treatment Advantages of PVA Gel Beads t is formed as 4 mm spherical beads having specific gravity of 1.025±0.01 PVA gel has a network of minute pores about 20 micron in diameter tunneling through each bead Useful bacteria can thus be enriched in large numbers in the protective core of the beds greatly reducing sloughing of biomass while maintaining stable treatment effectiveness often at rates in excess of 25kg BOD/m3-gel-d Treatment yields less excess sludge as compared to conventional biological method. Polymerized PVA gel is essentially insoluble in water and is not known to be biodegradable

Hashe - Technology at your Doorstep:

Hashe - Technology at your Doorstep Hashe is always looking ahead to adopt new technology from A foundation of products you know and trust. We collaborate with the world’s best brands to provide ultimate quality and performance in our products. Hashe Fully Automatic Water Softener Features Fully automatic unit with very minimal manual intervention Service and self diagnostic indicator Electronic step-by-step regeneration FRP vessel for longer and corrosion free life Unique OBR based automatic valve Minimised salt, water and electrical costs Application Removal of hardness from Water for: Residential & commercial buildings Hotels & resorts Hospitals Process water in industries Pre-treatment for other water treatment plants 

ROPUR RPI Antiscalent:

ROPUR RPI Antiscalent ROPUR RPI Antiscalents feature predominant scale control, dispersant abilities as well as compatibility with commonly used membrnaes and chemicals for water treatment applications. Large reverse osmosis systems for water drinking purpose worldwide are using ROPUR RPI Antiscalents . Advantages Optimizing plant recovery / conversion rate. Protecting membrane surface from erosion and oxidation damages. Minimizing the bio-fouling recurrence. Best German technology since 35 years in the field of Antiscalents. Certified to NSF/ANSI 60 (Drinking Water Certificate) ISO 9001/14001 production certificate. It can work higher CaSo4 saturation up to 700% and LSI up to 2.8 Up to 15000 PPM Calcium Sulphate Saturation. Low chemical consumption because of low dosing rate. High effective again Calcium Sulphate, Calcium Sulphate, Calcium and Magnesium Carbonate and Calcium Fluoride scaling.


Inquiry – Water Treatment Plant Head Office Jay Water Management Pvt Ltd ‘Jay House’, House No 4, Magnet Corporate Park,Opp.Zydus Hospital, Thaltej , Ahmedabad, Gujarat +91 79 4846 1051 – 52 +91 79 4846 1055 – 56 (Service Hot Line No) info@jaywater.com International Standard Warehouse & Service Centre Block 198/3, Dantali Industrial Estate Gota-Vadsar Road, Lapkaman Nr Sardar Patel Ring Road Ahmedabad. +91 – 9879208223



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