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Learn About Our Publishing Partner Program In this webinar you'll learn about: - The 4 Components of Our Publishing Partner Program - The Impact of Social Media On Businesses and Website Traffic - Social Media Stats by Content Type - Stats on Facebook Engagement - Open Graph Optimization


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Community Newspaper Social Benchmark November 6 2014

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Publishing Partner Program Four Components: Website Engagement Correspondent News Content Creation Content Promotion - Social Insights Native Advertising

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Top Places Businesses Saw Benefit from Social Media ● 92 said that they had seen increased brand exposure when using social media ● 80 said they saw increased traffic ● 72 said that they had developed loyal fans for their brand through social media ● 71 said that it helped with marketing insight source: MediaAID1225

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The Data for the Study ● Social Media Statistics ● 30 weekly newspapers ● Reviewed: ○ 19000 Articles 2 MM Shares ○ Shares per thousand population report from 2012 census ○ Shares per thousand FaceBook page likes ○ Most Shared Content Types ○ Most Shares by Days of Week

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The Averages ● Shares per Newspaper: 71.33 ● Total Shares: 69278 ● Shares per Thousand: 5.67 ● Shares per Thousand FB page likes: 9.73 ● Average FaceBook Shares: 66.73 ○ 93.55 of all shares from content occur on FaceBook

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Average Shares by Content ● General Content: 71.17 avg shares ○ 42.25 of total ● How To Articles: 64.67 avg shares ○ 38.39 of total ● List-Type Articles: 22.87 avg shares ○ 13.58 of total ● Video Articles: 9.73 avg shares ○ 5.78 of total

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Percentage of Shares by Day

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Facebook Sharing Checklist Top Take-Aways from the Facebook Sharing Checklist ● Display both the Like and Share buttons on your website ● Use images that are at least 1200x630 pixels to generate great previews of your content on Facebook ● Use proper Open Graph tags to drive distribution ● Use debug tool to check Open Graph Tags on website ● Use insights to track what people want to share

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Display both the Like and Share buttons on your website

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Use images that are at least 1200x630 pixels

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What is Open Graph Optimization

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Influencing Facebook Engagement ● Only 63.33 of newspapers in the study had a Facebook Share button ● 66.67 of papers in the study have a Facebook Like button ● Only 23.33 of newspapers were Open Graph Optimized ● Only 1 of 7 publishers on the call today are Open Graph Optimized

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Give Your Readers a Voice ● Common Commenting Elements Found ○ Disqus ○ Facebook Social Plugin ○ Internal Commenting Widget ■ Blox CMS ■ WordPress Comment

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Takeaways ● Most sharing happening on Facebook ○ Most sites are not optimized for sharing ● When detectable How To content had more average shares than List and Video ● Outside Facebook what else ○ Google+ for rapid indexing by Google ○ Twitter…. low usage in this category

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Publishing Partners on the Call

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Publishing Partners - Total Shares

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Shares Per Thousand

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Next Steps ● Join our research panel and mastermind workgroup ○ Free social media analytics dashboard ○ Establish workgroup benchmarks ○ Monthly performance reports ○ Monthly collaboration conference calls ● Next topic - How to Grow FB Likes

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