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How To Sell the ROI of Your SEO Campaigns We’ve received many questions from our white label SEO reseller community on how to sell the value or ROI (Return on Investment) of SEO. For many small businesses it is really hard for them to understand the long term gains that SEO can bring. It’s very important to have metrics on ROI because small business clients are going to want to know where their money is being spent and the value of their online marketing strategies on their business. We measure ROI in several key ways: organic traffic, leads, rankings, entrances, and revenue. In this webinar you’ll learn: - About the ROI of SEO - How to calculate ROI for your campaigns - How our white label call tracking services can help you measure ROI


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Thanks for posting this Ashley and Chad. I think people will find this very helpful.

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ROI of SEO March 5 2015

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Return - Investment Investment ROI

slide 3:

Calculating Return ● Convenient to look at total revenue ● Some clients will want to calculate Gross Profit includes COGS or Gross Revenue includes COGS SGA ● ROI thresholds will vary depending on how

slide 4:

Know Your Funnel ● Steps from initial interest to customer ● If you understand the funnel you can move up and down the funnel to calculate ROI based on the info you have ● Remember off-line conversions

slide 5:

The 2 ways to sell SEO ● Sell the binary: optimized vs not optimized ● Sell the ROI of the channel vs other channels

slide 6:

1. The optimized approach ● Show someone how their website is not optimized ● Provide a recommendation on addressing the issues identified ● “Check the box” SEO

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2. Demonstrate the opportunity ● Understand clients business and present the opportunity ● Compare competitors ● Size possible search and revenue opportunities

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Winner Take All ● Position 1-3 has a 19 CTR ● Position 4-10 has a 5 CTR Advanced Web Ranking 2014 Study Using Webmaster Tools Data

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Calculating ROI ● Review spreadsheet ● You must have the courage to pick attainable keywords ● Spreadsheet

slide 10:

Questions 1. How many hours does it take to optimize a home services business in Atlanta 2. Is there a sales script 3. I am curious about more hyper local sales and ROI justification to city areas of around 15sq. miles and smaller populations.

slide 11:

Sales Script 1. Make it about them not you 2. Do your homework on their business and opportunity before the meeting 3. Webinars a. Secret to selling SEO b. Google Trusted Digital Media Advisor

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