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fish tale


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The Fish Tale :

The Fish Tale Summary By Ms. Czekanski

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Story Map Characters: Ingrid, Travis and Sam Setting: At a lake in Kansas Problem: Sam and Travis won’t let Ingrid fish with them because they made a vow that no one could use their fishing spot. Solution: Ingrid tells a tale so the boys will let her fish with them and then tells them the truth after they become friends.

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Ingrid asks Travis and Sam if she could go fishing with them

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Travis and Sam say “No!” because they have made a vow that no one other than them can use their fishing spot.

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Ingrid came up with a plan. She bought a fish from Al’s Fish Shop and hooked it onto her line. When the boys came back from fishing they were excited about Ingrid’s catch. Ingrid got her picture taken for the local newspaper.

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Travis and Sam invite Ingrid to go fishing with them.

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Sam, Travis and Ingrid go fishing and swimming at the lake.

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The next day Ingrid makes the front page of the Lakefront News and tells the boys about her tale.


Summary In the Fish Tale, Ingrid tells a tale so Sam and Travis will allow her to go fishing with them at the lake in Kansas. After the plan works, Ingrid tells the boys about her tale and they become friends.

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