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Senol Taskin is a freelance financial reporter who is based in London, England. He is able to do a lot of his work over the Internet, but believes that as a reporter it is his duty to do as much primary, in-person research as possible. And so he travels to the world’s principal financial centers throughout the year, and to wherever else a given assignment takes him.


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Senol Taskin Notebook To Grade Book:

Senol Taskin Notebook To Grade Book Senol Taskin is a freelance financial reporter who has been at it for nearly twenty-five years. He says that he loves his work and can't imagine having had any other career. But after so many years, he says he is ready for a change. And so he is thinking about swapping his reporter's notebook for an instructor's grade book. He recently spent a semester teaching business journalism at the University of Michigan, where he received his undergraduate degree, and says it was an all-around pleasurable experience. "I liked being back in that environment after so many years," he says. "Ann Arbor has changed in some ways since the last time I was there, but a lot of it hadn't changed. I'd enjoy being back in the classroom on a fulltime basis."

Senol Taskin | Cycling Tour:

Senol Taskin | Cycling Tour Senol Taskin is a financial reporter with an adventurous streak. Whenever he is able to get some time away from his work, he likes to take vacations that get him off the beaten path. In the summer of 2014 he took a vacation with his wife that by his usual standards was pretty tame. The couple spent five days on a bicycle tour through the south of France. "It's a slower pace of life there," he recalls. "All these beautiful sun-drenched villages just beg you to slow down and linger. We loved it."

Senol Taskin E-Book Article:

Senol Taskin E-Book Article Senol Taskin is a veteran financial and business reporter whose work has appeared in a broad range of publications, both conventional and electronic. He has established himself as an authority on the economy of Africa, but has written on many other topics during the course of his career. He wrote an early article on the advent of e-books and the impact that they would have on the way that people read. "People read in two distinct and different ways, which in itself is a new phenomenon," he wrote in ‘Get Ready For the E-Book' in 1998. "Liner and non-linear. Non-linear is associated with computers and hyperlinks, and is sometimes referred to as superficial reading, and with good reason."

Senol Taskin The African Economy:

Senol Taskin The African Economy Senol Taskin first made a name for himself as a financial reporter with an article he wrote about the African economy entitled The Emerging African Economy. The article was published in Finance magazine in early 1991 and got a lot of attention. The economy of Africa, especially that of Tanzania, has remained one of his biggest interests during his career, and he has become one of the leading Western authorities on African financial matters. In that early article he argued that the continent was on the verge of unprecedented growth, a forecast that has largely come true in the years since. "Today, there is an African middle class of some three hundred million people,"

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