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How to select and buy led panel lights? Top Tips from leading LED light manufacturer of China. For more details, please visit:


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R How To Select your LED Panel light 1. Structure of the LED panel light 2. What makes a difference 3. How to select the LED panel light The quality of an LED panel light mainly depends on the light guide plate and driver. 1. The light guide plate will decide the light transmittance and power conversation efficiency. 2. The driver will decide the power factor and lifespan of entire light panel. SMD 2835 Top value die-casted aluminum frame Diffusor plate Light guide plate EVA Reflective paper Zinc plated backboard 1. Light Guide Plate

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. Bad light guide plate PS material 2. Driver . About flicker . Seniorled light guide plate PMMA material Real pictures after half year of usage of a panel light with PS light guide plate which is very popular on the market for its low price. PS material turns yellow easily and gets dark spots that decreases the power conversation efficiency and effects the elegant appearance. Real pictures after half year of usage of our panel light with PMMA light guide plate. PMMA material has the advantages of anti-aging and higher light transmittance compared with PS material. The plate color and light transmittance will have little change even after several years of usage. 1 PF 0 0.6 Flicker Non-Flicker + -

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. The driver temperature Led light flicker is generally caused by big driver ripples. Usually a high PF value comes with flicker. It cannot be detected by human eyes but would be visible when taking pictures on a cell phone. As low PF value drivers use a lot of energy and power a certain PF value is required on LED drivers of higher than 10w panel lights. Due to the high cost existing drivers with high PF value mostly have flicker. However we can offer panel lights with a high PF but without flicker. The higher PF value it has the higher utilization rate of power it will have and the more energy-efficient it will be. You can see 2 panels in on the phone screen - The left one shows a SeniorLED panel light and the right one is a general panel light. The data below shows the results of aging tests and electronic load tests for our drivers and general drivers on the market under the same temperature 50. It turns out that the highest temperature of our driver is 101 while that of general panel light is 138. This means our drivers have better performance in safety and stability which means a longer panel light lifespan.

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3. Aluminum Frame 4. Insurance and warranty SeniorLED panel light frame General panel light frame Environmental aluminum housing fast heat dissipation anodized anti-corrosion best control. Common characteristics of an inferior aluminum panel light: slow heat dissipation short chip life fast fading light. 5 Year Warranty Most of our LED lights are insured by AIG including LED panel lights. Not only a promise of warranty. That means our partners have an additional safeguard and will not feel the effect of manufacturing defects. We also guarantee full support during warranty claims and subsequent repairs or replacements. Laser aluminum radiator Poor quality aluminum

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5. Certificate 6. Luminous Efficiency DLC 4.0 premium UL E485145 Manufacture: Seniorled Limited Manufacture: Seniorled Ltd The luminous efficiency can be higher than DLC 4.0 Premium version has higher efficacy136lm/w. 120lm/w. No flicker top power efficiency PF0.9 and high CRI Ra80 THD15 under DLC4.0 standards. 124lm/W 136.2lm/W

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R Senior LED Tel: +86 139 6488 0018 Building H Wanda Industrial Zone Zhoushi Road Shenzhen China

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