Bust the stress

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12 steps to address stress


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Bust the Stress:

Bust the Stress


Perspective It takes million years for one gene to change in our bodies ... One million years!!! Physiologically therefore we are the same human we were 300 years ago Yet how things have changed and change in our lifestyle: TV, mobiles, traffic, population, junk food, FB Today we make more decisions in one day than people used to make in a year No wonder we are so stressed..... phewwwww

The result of stress on the body:

The result of stress on the body

Here are 12 ways to stay on top of Stress:

Here are 12 ways to stay on top of Stress

Exercise :

Exercise Amen for endrohines For workout: take a brisk walk & get blood flowing NOT about work out to lose weight: it is about being Healthy & staying sane

Eat the Real Stuff:

Eat the Real Stuff Crappy food (fast, processed & loaded with sugar) doesn’t help your chemical brain Real, live food helps deal with things coming your way Grab green food Help your immune system


Notice Try not to let stress overtake you Recognize the situations that cause stress & note them coming your way You are better equipped to fend its effects when you can anticipate it

Get it off your Chest:

Get it off your Chest Talk to a friend or partner about the stress Sometimes just getting it off your chest can help unload the burden Friends are your soul mates... Share!

Keep your sense of Humour:

Keep your sense of Humour If you do have the chance to talk about it, try to see the irony and humour in wacky bits I feel someone is dead if he loses his sense of humour

Stay Grateful:

Stay Grateful In almost all our problems are boatloads of blessings Make it a habit of saying thank you You will soon notice the sunny spots a lot more than just the grey skies & storms

Have some Fun :

Have some Fun While we are busy going somewhere we miss enjoying the moment Enjoy the journey and just don’t wait for the destination If an opportunity comes your way to something fun: take it

Take a deep Breath:

Take a deep Breath When you feel stress getting at you: take a moment Get away: even if it is for sometime, to be with yourself & your thoughts Some people like to take a walk, meditate, a bath, temple/ church/ mosque Find the peace & the silence

Simplify where you can:

Simplify where you can Simplify where you can Do you need to do/ collect the laundry right now? Does your son/ daughter need to do all the activities you have put her in? Do you have to attend all the parties?

Turn off the TV:

Turn off the TV A lot of bad news anyways and it robs us of hours we could use to be getting other things done Each one of you here complains that you don’t have time... Get some by unplugging from the idiot box


Sleep If you are rested you are better equipped to handle things It also prevents stressing out easily: and you have a chance to recover at night Sleepless & groggy the night after

Drink water:

Drink water Hydrate with water; help your entire system function better Weight loss and proper hydration affects your weight loss program too Think of water & food as your armour to face the world & the stress

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