Qualities of a Skilled Language Interpreter


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Professional interpreters bridge the gap between two cultures and languages to achieve accurate communication through their interpreting service. For more info! Call@ 1300 882 972 or Visit - http://www.interpretersonsite.com.au/


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Qualities of a Skilled Language Interpreter:

Qualities of a Skilled Language Interpreter

Professional interpreters:

Professional interpreters Speaking more than one language is for sure a cool way to impress others but being able to interpret professionally is beyond contentment and much of a big achievement. Professional interpreters bridge the gap between two cultures and languages to achieve accurate communication through their interpreting service .


However, with the availability of so many professionals in the industry, choosing one amongst the crowd can be a confusing task. Moreover, there is no doubt that some professionals are better than others and what make them distinct are their qualities . Conveying the message accurately from the host language to a targeted language requires more than just a good grasp of knowledge itself . So , look for these traits before choosing an interpreter for your job.

Incredible language skills:

Incredible language skills This first and foremost quality which sounds very obvious is exceptional language skills. A professional interpreter needs to have a comprehensive grasp of the language they interpret for. The reason being, interpreters work in real time, which means they can’t usually rely on a dictionary or any other source material .


For that it is important to have an excellent command over written and verbal communication with extensive vocabulary. Interpreters must provide their services in a way that eventually makes them better than a native speaker. A skilled interpreter will have a good knowledge of not only the subject matter and the language, but the abbreviation, jargons, nuance, idioms and metaphors associated with the language.

Specialised knowledge of a specific sector:

Specialised knowledge of a specific sector An interpreter usually provides their services in a specific field or industry like medical, legal, corporate which they are specialised in. An individual may be well versed with multiple languages, but they wouldn’t be able to interpret at a hospital unless they are familiar with medical terminologies and jargons.


Certifications Hiring a certified interpreter from a reputed institute will prove to be beneficial for your project. An accredited interpreter has the credentials to do their job well. Certified professionals are also less likely to make mistakes on the job as they are well-versed with what they are dealing with and will maintain the same professionalism throughout their work.


Objectivity Professional interpretation is completely objective. An interpreter has to be very professional and cannot be in favour of one party or another. Their opinion should never be evident, and the stance of neutrality should never be abandoned. In addition, a professional interpreter will not offer any of their opinion or repeat parts of conversations again. Besides , a professional interpreter will not accept any assignments that could trigger emotional responses or present a conflict of interest.

Cultural awareness:

Cultural awareness One quality which every interpreter must possess is a good cultural understanding of varied languages, particularly the language they are interpreting for. Having a strong grip on cultural norms will help an interpreter to convey their message effectively to non-native speakers. Always remember just as how the knowledge of the subject matter is important, the adequate understanding of culture is vital.

Listening skills:

Listening skills Apart from all these qualities, an interpreter must have an exceptional listening skill. Not only does the interpreter need to pick up on every word, but also every meaning and intent. Strong-memory, recall and note taking skills are essential in order to render accurate services. A skilled and professional interpreter should have all these qualities and should be even ready to incorporate more.

professional interpreting services:

professional interpreting services Besides , hiring a company that is specialised in providing professional interpreting services along with translation services is always beneficial because you will for sure need document translation of your interpreted event as well. Therefore , keep all your requirements in mind and choose accordingly.

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