Solar LED Street Lighting Projects – What Are The Advantages?


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LED street lighting is an excellent new substitute to conventional street lights like HPS, MH, or LPS street lamps. LED lights offer a plethora of benefits over traditional incandescent lamps. LED street lamps are eco-friendly, power competent and most importantly affordable.


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LED street lighting is an excellent new substitute to conventional street lights like HPS MH or LPSstreet lamps.LEDlightsoffer aplethoraof benefitsover traditionalincandescent lamps. LED street lamps are eco-friendly power competent and most importantly affordable. This ‘ g r e e n ’ lighting alternative for outdoor illumination has appeared on the green scene because of the latesttechnological improvement ofLEDlighting.

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However more “ g r e e n e r ” alternative for you is integrated solar LED Street light that looks to revolutionize the street light industry. T h e y ’ r e of power saving eco-friendly which can be employed for road residential park and in many other areas. High-quality solar-panel soaks up sun rays and convert them into electrical power then charges maintenance-free battery eventually LED street lights robotically when day off auto-offwhen daybreak. The working procedure of solar power driven street lamp is: solar-panel soaks up sun rays and changes it to electrical energy to power 60WLEDstreetlamp.

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Theentire unit isprimarilycomposedby: 60w LED street lamp lead acid battery solar panel and solar street-lighting controller and a pole. Due to diverse climatic state in diverse area and diverse needs from diverse markets the specification of every part of the entire solar street-lighting unit particularly solar panel batteryarerelying onthe followingaspects: •Standard dailysunshine h o u r s ’ •Workingtimeoftheunitper night •Backupdaysofthesolarunit throughoutrainydays Benefitsof all in one solar led street lighting projects: •Lowpowerusage •Higherpowerandhigher intensity • Save you electricity expenditure. Also save electricity transformer cable expenses. Free of maintenance. •Nohazardousenvironmental impact • Longer durability: lifetime of a solar-panel is 20 to 23 years. Life time of led street lamp is 6 to 9years.Lifetimeofabattery is4tosixyears.

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LED street lighting source avail with a range of watt output alternatives which differs amid 10 W to 300 W. LED bulbs are evaluated by their competence. A top-quality bulb has a competence of 100 lumens per watt 100000 hours of uninterrupted service. The light fixture is generally composed of high- pressure die cast aluminium. The cover is composed of tempered glass. Though the expenses of substituting the conventional exterior lights with solar powered LED lamp are primarily higher but the power-saving in long term is worth every penny of it. so take you chance and bring a change.

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