Why 2019 Will Be A Crucial Year For BlockChain Technologies?


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After seeing an irrational exuberance in 2017 and sudden crash of crypto market in 2018, Read our predictions for blockchain technology in 2019.


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Why 2019 Will Be A Crucial Year For BlockChain As The Crypto Market Continues Its Slide Our Predictions For This Year After seeing an irrational exuberance in 2017 and sudden crash of crypto market in 2018 now it’s time to do the reality check of blockchain technology in 2019. We are looking forward to making assumptions for the crazy bull market again in 2019 or 2020. But the truth is it is hard to define any logic in the crypto market as it has always been full of surprises. As the bitcoin price has fallen to a few thousand dollars in one year it can also rise 10 times again in the next few months such has been the nature of the beast in the past. As a top blockchain development company it’s our responsibility to provide unique insights into crypto and blockchain market. Our panel of experts forecasts market predictions for this year. Read on to know what you can expect from crypto industry this year. Crypto Market’s Prediction 2019 We bring you to see through windows that are essential to make you prepare for any kind of market downturn. So roll-up your sleeves Our market analysists have unveiled the difficult layering of cryptocurrencies space one by one. It is a must read for getting a “one-way vision” of crypto market 2019. Have a look at the speculators about blockchain technology 2019 that are popping up in today’s date-

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1. Ahaa ICOs Are Looking Promising Again. Millennials are aware of embracing ICOs Initial Coin Offerings in the mainstream world. They find it an easier way to raise their funds. Traditional ICO’s are declining but Security tokens type fundraising is on the rise since early 2018. Therefore they go for the best ICO Development Service provider to make a new crypto-token which can be sold to raise money. Investors hope that new crypto-token will provide them with a heavenly return in the future. But as you know that digital coins have seen its unpredictable boom in 2017 followed by severe downfall in 2018. The major concern of people is to stay updated with the bumpy road of the crypto market. The sudden bitcoin crash makes everyone feels like it can move either way round. Are you also looking at ICO as a capital raising process for your venture Take it easy ICO’s will boom again once the crypto market picks up. Logically these two markets are not related but historically it has proved that these markets are interdependent. Simply hire Blockchain developers from one of top blockchain development companies and let them build digital coins that can help you to raise your money. 2. Welcome Back Decentralized Apps Historically Bitcoin was the first decentralized and global ledger of records that won the trust of entrepreneurs and several organizations. Since its invention in 2009 entrepreneurs and top-traders of industries have got align to understand its implications and expansions to achieve a common goal. Later on after the invention of blockchain technology they found a trusted way to gain legitimacy. Therefore they have started using Blockchain as a platform for creating dApps decentralized apps. Such kind of smart contracting helps businesses to use documents and information stored in blocks. After facing turmoil in last year Blockchain technology makes everyone optimistic for current year when used as decentralized apps platform. Even top blockchain development companies like us actually feel that blockchain technology is one of the revolutionary systems of records that can bridge that gap between monetary gain and users for coming years.

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3. The Urgency for Stable coins. Entrepreneurs don’t like too much volatility in the crypto market as then it becomes a speculative game. Stablecoins- a new form of crypto-currency will bring back big cats again on road of great returns. While putting a glance at the previous year’s market investments many organizations chose stable coins for getting a trusted point in the industry. The prices of this new digital currency are linked to other assets. Due to 2018 crash investors saw crypto market suspiciously. But the rise of stablecoins realizes them the true potential of the crypto market. That is why Stablecoins are continuously gaining the trust of entrepreneurs and organizations for cryptocurrencies. 2019 will again prove to be a frontier year as stablecoins with its vast exposure may also cover-up the ventures that are far away from our tradition currency. 4. A Bit Of Hybridization Will Be Helpful. It’s always beneficial to follow a middle way so that you can take advantage of both sides. The purpose of stating this philosophy is to tell you its simple. That is neither decentralization nor centralization can win the digital world alone. It is wishful if you choose a middle approach. But this is absolutely fine as businesses and users are seeing for broadcasting of the hybrid things in general especially this year. Hybridization market is expected to rise as emerging payment methods are pushing up the hybrid technology positively on human life. It helps people for doing money transactions quickly and effectively all over the internet without sharing any banking information and credit card’s details. In this regard it is a necessity of today that we would forecast the future value of hybridization as it’s possible that not one technology will rule the market. Go for it as it will be helpful for rising your worth for sure. Use a bit of hybridization machine learning as your investment tool. The only thing to remember is- in case you are a newbie then don’t make an investment with a hefty amount. Just start trading with low amounts. Conclusion I have tried to give a sneak peek of Blockchain technology in 2019 through this blog. Hoping it will bring plenty of opportunity for different ventures. For enterprises this insight will motivate you to own tailored blockchain solution as per your specific needs. Despite its vast success you need to take care of speculations in the near future that can limit the adoption and expansion of digital money. Contact a top blockchain development company like us and let us make great solutions to address issues like illicit trades money laundering volatile value etc. ineffective. Have an astute way towards monetary growth and hire Blockchain developers from us now For investors and traders it is the right time to invest money in Blockchain or Crypto Market. Let’s see what is hidden in the future.

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