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Types of Gemstone:

Types of Gemstone Gemstone: Gemstones are the precious and polished form of stones used to make jewelry and other ornaments. We can classify gemstone in following two types. Gemstone Precious Semi-Precious https://www.krmcreation.com/rings

Precious Gemstone:

Precious Gemstone Diamond: Diamonds are the most precious types of gemstone, the original diamond is colorless which is rare to be find. The specialty of diamond is depends on it’s cut, color, carat and clarity. Ruby: Ruby is the red colored gemstone, the prices of ruby gemstone is depends on its color. The bright red color ruby gemstone is more valuable than the lighter one. https://www.krmcreation.com/rings

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Sapphire: The blue color transparent gemstone called as sapphire. One can find sapphire gemstone in other than blue color, but the most desirable sapphires are those which have an intense blue color. Emerald: It is the green colored gemstone and the value of emerald is also depends on it’s cut, color, carat and clarity. The clear stone with vibrant color emerald has the highest prices. These are the kind of precious gemstone, used to make precious jewelry like unique gold rings, gemstone stud earrings and silver gemstone rings, etc. https://www.krmcreation.com/rings

Semi-Precious Gemstone:

Semi-Precious Gemstone Aquamarine: A semi precious stone consisting of a light bluish-green variety of beryl known as aquamarine. The word aquamarine is the combination of “aqua” means water and “marine” means sea. Morganite: It is the pink form of beryl and most beautiful semi-precious type of gemstone. The morganite is belong to the same category as emerald. https://www.krmcreation.com/rings

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Alexandrite: It is the most exotic type of gemstone and known as the color change gemstone. The alexandrite looks green in the daylight and red in the artificial light. Opal: The opal is also a color change gemstone which changed their color in the dark background. It is the semitransparent type of gemstone. Topaz: It is very important gemstone due to its hardness and high refractive index. The topaz is available in various colors and the blue color is most famous in this time. https://www.krmcreation.com/rings

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