Google’s top three ranking signals

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Google’s top three ranking signals


The way Google is ranking web pages for a search query is far too complex. Nobody knows the complete search algorithm of Google. It is one of the long kept secret. So, everybody has their own interpretation of Google’s ranking signal . It is believed that there are more than 200 ranking signals that is important for search engine optimization. It is impossible for everyone to know all these ranking signals.


At the same time, not all the ranking signals have the same importance. Some are crucial ranking factors, while some other comparatively minor factors. Recently, Google has openly announced the top three ranking signals used by their search algorithm. It was Content , Backlinks and RankBrain .


Content This should not surprise anyone. Everyone knows that content is the King of SEO and every recognize that including Google. A site with high quality, relevant content will always have a high chance of ranking better in search result. If you analyze the top ranking sites of different keywords, you can notice one thing in common. They will have high quality form content. Most of them are long form content with relevant and detailed answer to the search queries. So, if you are running a digital marketing agency in Chennai , it is important to hire a good content writer for your SEO success.


Backlinks In the initial years of search engines, Backlinks is the thing that distinguished Google from other search engines. It is still a vital factor in the Google’s search algorithm. A site with more numbers of backlinks than their competitor will tend to rank better in SERP. However, Google gives larger importance to the quality of the backlinks than the quantity. Building quality backlinks must be the most important work of an SEP professional.


RankBrain Some people may not be aware of this term. RankBrain is an artificial intelligence system within the Google’s search algorithm. It helps Google to provide more relevant search result, which can guess the meaning and context of a search term and provide results accordingly . A successful SEO company in Chennai would focus majorly on the top ranking signals, it doesn’t mean completely neglecting other ranking signals.

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