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SEO for search engines other than Google.


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SEO beyond Google


If you think of Search Engine Optimization, Google is the first search engine comes in the mind of most people. Google is by far the most popular search engine with most number of users compared to any other search engines. Above 60% of search engine users are Google users. It is the reason most of the SEO expert in Chennai focus mainly on Google.


However, most of them fails to understand the importance of other search engines. There are many other search engines available for users, which has a growing number of user base . If you are not optimizing your website for other search engines also, you are likely to miss more than 40% of potential users.


A good SEO company in Chennai must focus on search engines other than Google for better results. Here is the list of major search engines that SEO experts need to focus on


Bing It is the second most popular search engine next to Google. It has 20% share in the overall search engine users. Bing is owned by the tech giant Microsoft. It is the default search engine in the Micosoft windows computers. The number of Bing users is growing every day . Most of the users of Bing are from United Stated of America and it is not as popular in the rest of the world as it is in USA. So, if your target audience is from USA, then it is mandatory to have an effective SEO strategy for Bing.


Yahoo Yahoo is the one of the earliest search engines. It is started even before the Google was started. However , Yahoo is not as popular as it was before. However, it still has more number of loyal users . Yandex It is the most popular search engine in Russia, more than Google. So, if your target audience is from Russia, more importance must be given to Yandex .


DuckDuckGo This is one of the recent search engine which has steep increase in user base. The main distinct feature of DuckDuckGo compared to other search engine is it doesn’t provide personalized results. Hence it doesn’t use any of the user details. They give more importance to the privacy of the users.

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