Top 9 upcoming Super Luxury Cars in India

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Top 9 Upcoming Super Luxury Cars in 2020 for Indian Market Over the years India has quickly become a hotspot trade in cars – Right from in- house and international entrants to the old car pre-owned car second-hand car sell used car online markets where even used car valuation and old car inspection is a service. In 2020 this international car trend is seemingly going to see an even bigger surge with household names like Jaguar and BMW giving us new and improved versions of previous models as well as introducing all new beasts for us to own and play with. From better aerodynamics to top notch engine modifications we can expect to see nothing but the best from the luxury car segment. Here are the top 9 super luxury cars that the Indian automobile market is looking forward to in 2020:  Porsche Taycan

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This is the brand’s first completely electric super sports car with a remarkably sleek design with a breathtaking performance of 0-100 kmph in just 2.8 seconds. It comes with a number of drive modes four digital screens for multiple functions and also super comfortable interiors. The battery can charge from 5 to 80 percent in just 20 minutes.  BMW i8 Roadster

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The i8 Roadster is the third addition to the more future-inspired “i” series from BMW. It comes with an electric roof with a drop-head top and a lightweight body. The inside cabin is spacious with custom design and Dynamic Stability Control. The iDrive System also comes with a touchscreen control panel and only a 2-seater accommodation. This stylish car goes from 0-60 mph in 4.4 seconds.  Jaguar I-PACE Adding to the new wave of electric vehicles entering the Indian market the Jaguar I-Pace is the company’s first EV in this market. It has the build and bulk of an SUV but closer to the ground and also features the brand’s trademark mesh grill in front. Inside the car you can find 3 full capacity touchscreens for various navigation and infotainment features. The interiors carry the brand’s comfort and luxury while the battery is impressive with a fast charger.  Porsche Cayenne Coupe

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For the Indian market this powerhouse variant is expected to be released in 3 models – Coupe Turbo Coupe and E-Hybrid Coupe. All three come with super sleek lines and a lowered roof as well as the Porsche Active Aerodynamics for better speed. The cabin has a wide infotainment touchscreen panel can go from 0- 100 kmph in 6 seconds.  BMW 8 Series

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This successor to the BMW 6 Series features a super lightweight body and two engine options – the 840d with a 3.0 litre engine and 320 bhp while the higher-end M850i comes with a 4.4. litre engine and 530 bhp. The model is superbly aerodynamic and has extremely comfortable interiors.  Audi New A8 L Ushering in a whole new era of super luxurious design and futuristic features the flagship A8 L comes with Audi Matrix LED tech new tail lamps a wider front body and a muscular yet fluid body. The interiors impress as well with several in- seat features a panoramic sun roof and electronic stability. The top-end A8 L is set to feature a massive 6.0 litre engine.  Audi E-tron

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This is Audi’s proud EV addition to the Indian market boasting the strength and performance of an SUV but the speed and stability of a sports car. This is a 5- seater SUV with top speed of 200 kmph and 7 different driver profiles to choose from. It comes with an almost perfect 50-50 balanced body and advanced electric stability.  Audi Q8

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The globally loved “Q” series from Audi welcomes a new addition – the Q8 – with a sharper and sleeker new design and 5-seater capacity. The interiors feature signature Audi infotainment screens with a variety of features and the car has an automatic eight-speed gearbox and 360-degree parking assist as well.  BMW New X6 The previous X6 model was a roaring success in the Indian market and the revamped version promises to be just the right upgrade. It features better headlamps wider wheels a more muscular design and other features like multipurpose seats cruise control climate control and a panoramic sunroof. The top-end version has a 3.0 litre 340 bhp engine.

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