5 Tips on How to Sell a Used Car with Bad Transmission

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Explore these 5 tips to sell a used car with bad transmission at fairest price in India with the expert's tips from OLX Cash My Car. Just sell your car in 3 easy & quick steps without any tensions of paper & RC transfer.


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OLX Cash My Car 5 Tips on How to Sell a Used Car with Bad Transmission No matter what condition your car is in you can always sell it. Though there will be a lot many questions arising in your mind about ‘How to do it ’. Well firstly you need to understand what type of cars qualify in a category of ‘Cars with Bad Transmission ’. Bad Transmission is a stage when the car starts asking for more repair cost than the actual value of the car. There could be multiple reasons like a blown engine leaky gasket head or transmission failure. It ’s a state when you cannot sell your car without disclosing such information and one should not. Secondly the question comes what all precautions or steps one should take in selling a particular used car. Here are some quick pointers to remember: 1 Go to Online Service Provider It ’s always advisable to sell a used car with the help of an organized service provider like OLX Cash My Car . Organisations like these they help you to get the best value for the car despite bad transmission. They help you with a better deal because they

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own a larger database of buyers. In fact they help you to get a free inspection of the car which is the first step to get a valuation done. It ’s important to get the right valuation done to start the selling process. 2 Describing the Car First thing first you need to be honest with the description of the car . Therefore it ’s important to have proper papers available to validate and share what major or minor issues persists with the car. One should not leave any surprises for the buyer at a later stage. For example if the car is not operation or the engine was blown in the recent past then one should always disclose such matters to the service providers for a better price determination. 3 Approach a Garage Many a time when the car has not been functional for a long time or you have been visiting to get it multiple parts repaired then it ’s time to bid goodbye to your car. Be a smart seller rather than regretting later fine an auto garage nearby which could buy parts of your car. You will end up getting a good deal for the parts which are in good health. 4 Consider Junking it Instead if you have got your car analysed properly which states that it will become a piece of junk in another month or so they don ’t linger upon it. Let it go. Take a call to sell the car at a car junkyard because they can reuse the body parts or body of the car for further purposes. They might be able to give you a decent deal too. 5 Do not go to Local Dealers for selling Local dealers might cheat you for a bad transmission car because they make you believe that it has become scrap or would become one soon. They don ’t see a future in trading a car with no potential therefore then end up giving the lowest price. It can be a big loss for you as you would have earlier invested in bettering the condition of the car. Whereas when it comes to an online service provider offering a price they will consider parameters like paperwork past history of the car demand and supply of such cars in the market or how it can be used further. Do not fret from going online to get a free inspection done because that ’s the most crucial step for any car transaction. Also we suggest doing not take a call on your own about the condition of the car to derive at a price. You need to trust the seller- buyer of used cars to crack a beneficial deal.

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