Car Central Locking System - Safe or Dangerous


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Know all about the central locking system with OLX Cash My Car and explore all the pros & cons about it. Explore more about your car's feature enjoy a happy & safe ride.


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OLX Cash My Car Car Central Locking System - Safe or Dangerous In the automotive industry there is nothing which is left untouched for upgrades every year. From accessories to the body shapes and each of the smallest functions are being worked upon by the players to make sure that each time consumer walks into the dealer shop he is mesmerized by the evolved version of the car. One of such features which have been upgraded is Car Central Locking System. While locking system has come a long way by using keys manually to a remote-control system though Car Central Locking System rests the power of locking and unlocking of all the doors in the hands of the

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driver. Nowadays it has become a normal feature provided with almost all middle to high-end cars which is connected to an alarm system of the vehicle. In case the driver wants to lock the doors he/she used the key fob on the front door which automatically locks other three passengers ’ doors of the car too. And using the same key fob the doors can be unlocked too. The Central Lock System proves to be an important safety feature for a car as each car key has a distinct code which has been synchronized with the system of the vehicle. So when the car is locked the engine immobilizer goes off. The car has to receive the same set of code to get unlocked. As a result Central Car Locking System prevents your car from starting because the immobilizer has gone off is a great enough reason to protect it from various threats. Now there can be multiple ways of using Central Car Locking System which could make it a boon or bane for the user of the car. Here are some pros and cons associated with the feature: Pros  1 For a private car owner its totally a boon for its first level of safety benefits. When you have a family which has kids one would surely want to lock all the doors while driving in or outside the city. It provides the driver with mental peace and lets him or her enjoy the ride.  2 There are multiple occasions when you need to travel to an unknown area where parking is unorganized or farther from the venue in such cases you are lucky to have a central locking system installed to allow yourself to enjoy the party.

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 3 Additionally because it works on radio waves that are transmitted into the device fitted in the car it lets you identify your car in a large parking zone with the help of the distinctive sound type. Cons  1 As far as it is concerned with the taxi drivers and the travellers there are chances of mishandling. It can be used to force the traveller for burglary or extreme cases of kidnapping can also take place.  2 For a private car owner technology can fail to recognize the code which could result in getting stuck in the car or being stranded outside the vehicle.  3 For example Delhi Govt has banned taxis to use the car central locking system else that would result in cancelling or non-renewal of their licences. Therefore one can still see in a positive light as the feature has more benefits than downsides when it comes to usage for the private owner. In the long run such cars are well maintained which results in better ROI while selling off it through organized vendors like OLX Cash My Car in fact advisable for used car buyers to thoroughly get the inspection done of the feature because if it ’s not working in a proper condition can lead to unforeseen circumstances.

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