Top 10 windows 10 features


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This presentation is all about awesome features of windows 10.


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Top 10 Windows 10 Features:

Top 10 Windows 10 Features # Sellalaptop 1

The new Start menu:

The new Start menu Looks like the old start menu Has features of Windows 8.1 start screen Live tiles Can be resized 2 # Sellalaptop

The new Task View:

The new Task V iew Users can switch between virtual desktops Novice users can use the taskbar 3 # Sellalaptop

Command prompt gets keyboard shortcuts:

Command prompt gets keyboard shortcuts You will be able to paste in your commands 4 # Sellalaptop

The Continuum:

The Continuum On-the-fly mode for 2-in-1 devices Automatic detection of keyboard removal 5 # Sellalaptop

Universal Apps:

Universal Apps New app model Will run on any device 6 # Sellalaptop

Windows 10 for Enterprise:

Windows 10 for Enterprise Corporate data protection Mobile device management for all devices Mark up and share web pages Work on the go Work hands free Take my notes with me Instantly unlock my PC 7 # Sellalaptop

Meet Cortana:

Meet C ortana Maintain my calendar Get reminders Search my PC Work hands-free Search the web quickly 8 # Sellalaptop

Windows Maps:

Windows Maps Get directions Find nearby places Save favorite places 9 # Sellalaptop


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