Ways To Sell Beats Through Email

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The top 6 ways to sell beats through email marketing today. Still struggling to sell beats using email marketing? Here are the top 6 ways to start selling beats through email. http://www.trafficforbeats.com/sell-beats-through-email/


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What if you had 20,000 email contacts from rappers and vocalist? Do you think you could get sell beats through email? Absolutely! List building is the best way to grow a music production business online.

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Some producers that are not even list building are generating thousands of dollars in sales per month. Does that mean you should skip list building ? NOPE! Brought to you by >>> http://www.trafficforbeats.com

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Having thousands of subscribers one click away is like magic. One click, and hundreds of rappers and vocalist are listening to your beats.

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Nobody can't take your email list away from you. Facebook , Google,  YouTube , and most social media websites change with the times.     Every month Facebook has new updates, Google changes their algorithm. All these changes can affect your website. Want To Learn About Selling Your Beats online?. click here

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Seach engine optimization  using Content is king. If you have a website, create a blog where you give out tips to rappers or vocalists on how to grow a fan base or promote a mixtape , etc. Brought to you by >>> http://trafficforbeats.com/

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The key is to always have a call to action somewhere within the content, where the visitor can sign up to receive free beats. The content must be optimized for search engines. Optimize the title and the description for the keywords you would like to rank for. Want To Learn About Selling Your Beats online?. click here

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Go everywhere on social media, but be consistent. Social media can be time consuming. I recommend using a free service like bufferap.com to get your post out automatically on a couple of social media channels. Brought to you by >>> http://trafficforbeats.com

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Google AdWords is still a powerful way to sell beats online. Everyone goes on Google to search for what they want. If they want beats, they might search, "Where to buy beats online" Brought to you by >>> http://www.trafficforbeats.com

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Facebook ads is another great place to advertise. Make sure you give something away for free here. Facebook is a social media website. People like to socialize on Facebook , not necessarily go on there to buy products. Brought to you by >>> http://www.trafficforbeats.com

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An email blast (solo ads) is the fastest way to grow your list today. Email blasts are quite simple. Just find someone who will let you advertise your free beats offer to their list of subscribers. Brought to you by >>> http://www.trafficforbeats.com

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Inconsistency ! Being consistent with the main asset of your music production business can determine whether you succeed or fail. Your email list is your main asset. Never stray from building your list. Brought to you by >>> http://www.trafficforbeats.com

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This presentation was brought to you by: http://www.trafficforbeats.com For More Advanced Beat Selling Tutorials.. CLICK HERE

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