How To Gain Followers on Tumblr

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How To Gain Followers On TUMBLR 5 Easy Steps:

How To Gain Followers On TUMBLR 5 Easy Steps

Step 1: Promote Yourself:

Step 1: Promote Yourself There are many free promoting sites out there. Spend a minute or two everyday to send in a promotion. This will significantly increase your number of followers. Promoting Site Examples:

Step 2: Give Compliments:

Step 2: Give Compliments People on Tumblr love compliments. Go to their Ask Box and put something like “Hey, your blog is beautiful, I’m in love with it. Will you follow me?” . Might take a little bit more time than Step 1, but I bet 90% chance they will follow you.

Step 3: Say You Will Follow Back:

Step 3: Say You Will Follow Back Set up your tumblr and put “Follow me and I'll always FOLLOW BACK!” somewhere visible. The point is to let visitors see this clearly. I highly recommend putting this statement as your Title in Info section. I personally do follow back. If you don’t want to then hey, not like they’ll always check anyways right? :)

Step 4: Make Your Blog Look Nice:

Step 4: Make Your Blog Look Nice If your goal is to gain followers then there might be something you need to sacrifice: take off music playing on your blog (no one likes noises pop up randomly) , make it bright and clear so people can actually see your contents , don’t post porn or scary things obviously , etc.

Step 5: Look Good:

Step 5: Look Good Have a nice looking picture of you on your Home Page. If you are in a relationship, don’t have it visible. Saying that you’re single would attract more followers than you ever expect. Some of you may not be confident with your real look, but we can look anyway we like on the internet right? :)

Tips To Survive On Tumblr:

Tips To Survive On Tumblr Ignore the haters. Don’t post depressing stuff and hope for re-blogs. Know your goal and reason why you want to gain followers. Don’t judge people. Thank You For Watching

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