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different types of mobile operating system and development


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Mobile operating systems:

Mobile operating systems


Introduction: To choose the best Operating System from the collection of Operating System can be a bit confusing. You might prefer a device but not the OS that the device runs on. Or the other ways round you are extremely comfortable with the Operating System but the devices that support the OS do not appeal you. The selection is hard but you will be much sorted if you are aware of all the special attributes of the device and operating systems, so that you get what you require and what you want. Here, at Brill Mindz Technologies we have the complete understanding of all operating systems. Our team of skilled and experienced Mobile App Developers in India develops mobile apps that seamlessly works on multiple Operating Systems and offers smooth functionalities across all the devices and OSes . We use the best and most advanced tools and technologies to develop the most outstanding mobile apps. Our process of Mobile App Development in Bangalore is organized and well maintained that makes us the most reasonable Mobile App Development Company in India.


OS: iOS – iOS introduced its first iPhone 29 th June 2007. Apple concentrates on its unique functionalities and they have not expanded their operation to other device manufacturers. The basic appearance of iOS remains same since its first appearance. iOS is well known for its user-friendly features as a result the iOS App Developers in India and across the world always have something innovative to develop for this platform. The process of iOS App Development in Bangalore and around the world is a real treat because of the easy and convenient user base . Android – It is actually a sweet practice of Android to name the versions after sweets or desserts. That is how we get the name as Cupcake, Donut, Éclair, Froyo , Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice-cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, Kitkat , Lollipop, Marshmellow , Nougat and now Oreo. It is an open platform with an easy and convenient user base, as a result even if developing apps takes a little more time than developing apps for iOS , Android Apps Development Companies in Bangalore and all over the world have tremendous expectation from the powerful OS.


Windows – The platform is no longer restricted to your PC rather it has broadened its horizon and is now used for mobile devices as well. Windows have restricted features and as a result there are not many options for new invention over this platform. It is pretty difficult to operate but for the users those who are acquainted with the use of device will be more comfortable to use the device. Blackberry – The Blackberry OS is the property of Research In Motion. It was first released and launched in the year 1999. RIM developed the Blackberry OS for the smartphones under the umbrella. The User Interface style and the design of Blackberry devices are very different like trackball moving in the menu and Qwerty keyboards. Quite similar to Apple, the Blackberry OS is also a closed source as it does not allow any manufacturer to take the privilege of this operating system .

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Some more: Brill Mindz Technologies have all the necessary skills and knowledge which help us to be the most technologically advanced mobile app development company in India and Bangalore. We have the most ardent and challenging team of Mobile App Developers in Bangalore. We have years of experience to craft the most powerful mobile apps for your business growth. We have developed mobile apps for various industries that make us the most versatile Mobile App Development Company in Bangalore. Our ability to development mobile apps with recent tools and technologies makes us different from other Mobile App Development Companies in Bangalore. Our keen understanding of special attributes of all these platforms makes us the comprehensive Mobile App Development Company in India .

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