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Advantages of using ASP.NET :

Advantages of using ASP.NET ASP.NET has almost changed the way applications were being developed. By using the compiled languages like C# and VB it has given programmers and developers the freedom to build dynamic, rich websites and web applications with ease perfection and speed. It has come as a boon when the virtual world or www has taken a deep rooted role in human lives. ASP.NET is not just about the script languages it allows the user to make use of .NET languages like C#, J#, VB etc. With the help of visual studio a developer can make very compelling applications. Its a purely server-side technology. ASP was initially introduced to make the static websites more dynamic that would update automatically without any human intervention. There were several top websites that readily embraced ASP. The likes of Amazon and eBay were quite benefited with ASP. There are several points that make ASP.NET far better than other Web development models. The first and foremost is the drastic reduction in the code that is required to build large application. This time when saved can either be employed in other profit making activities or can else be converted in to the profits for an organization will be covering more projects in the same time.

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Safety and security is another feature that is taken well care of in ASP.NET with built in windows authentication and per application configuration. Its simplicity makes it easy to perform common tasks like simple form submission to more complex functions such as client authentication to deployment and site configuration. As .NET pages are easy to maintain and write it becomes quite easy to maintain a large site and do the modifications that are required. The source code is executed on the server. This provides a lot of power and flexibility to the web pages. The application is always ready to accept and handle any request as all processes are closely monitored and managed by the ASP.NET runtime. All codes are executed on the server before they are sent to the browser. As ASP.NET is language independent thus you have the freedom to choose the language that best applies to requirements of your application. The author is Microsoft certified .Net Professional who has rich experience of .Net frame work. He has worked on number of live projects. His current work is related to .net Obfuscators , .net Code Protection, .net obfuscation To know more about author and his work please visit -

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