.Net Obfuscator To Protect Your .Net Code

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.Net Obfuscator To Protect Your .Net Code The word obfuscation literally means uncertain or unclear. There is a degree of complexity associated with it. In context computers we can relate it with the process of combining codes, data and the operation to be performed on that data in a chronological manner to prevent reverse engineering. Reverse engineering is the process to analyze the things and there working methodology. Its is practiced in order to reduce the risk factor which arise due to un authenticated access to source code. There are high stakes associated with it and a company can not afford that. The risk factors are countless but some of the most common are loss of intellectual property, loss of revenue and in extreme cases it can lead to shut down of the whole company itself. The risk factor is greater for real time computing environment and applications based on it such as .Net frame work. .Net obfuscation (code protector software development kit SDK) is available and can be downloaded form Microsoft's official website it allows users of .Net frame work to obfuscation there codes. It allows them to mark digital signatures inside there codes. These tools create a fine mix blend of code and symbols so that it looks fuzzy to another person who is trying play around with you codes.

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The level of complexity created by .Net obfuscations can be jugged by the fact that one may find him self in a maze struggling to find the way out. But in present scenario when the codes are on client server .Net Obfuscation can help you by raising bars against hackers. As in cases of client server based web application it can help you from becoming victim of being hacked. .Net Obfuscation can generate a high level of complexity thus making it nearly impossible for a hacker to hack your sources code. There are many third party obfuscation tools available that help in conversion of your .Net source codes. But there is a major draw back of using third party tools as they make debugging nearly impossible. Author writes regularly about Code Protection and .net Obfuscators To know more about .net Code Security , .net Code Protection and .net obfuscator feel free to contact the author at http://eransmith.webnode.com/news/first-blog

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