Know your Spreadsheets robustness

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spreadsheet’s deployment and always monitor any changes and errors for better maintenance.


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Know your Spreadsheets robustness:

Know your Spreadsheets robustness

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Spending a lot of time and effort managing and modifying Excel Spreadsheets? Worry no more, Excel spreadsheet services includes Data entry, Data conversion, data formatting, timesheets, charts and reports, spreadsheet design, numerical data entry, and invoices.To help you understand more about spreadsheets, let’s dig deeper.

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When should you use spreadsheet? Spreadsheet offers an easy way to present and analyse data. There are things that you should consider before deciding to use spreadsheet such as considering the quality of source that should be checked and repaired for data inaccuracies and improving the quality as well.However , cloud technologies can also be an option for you, it allows you to collaborate with multiple users and modify shared spreadsheets in real-time.

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Know your Spreadsheet’s robustness Development and testing is also important in choosing to use spreadsheet to ensure its robustness and accuracy. Critical data should be developed and tested in order to analyzeits robustness. It’s a good practice to present the crucial data and get reviewed by your colleagues in order to detect some inaccuracies and immediatelytake an action. Plan your spreadsheet’s deployment and always monitor any changes and errors for better maintenance.

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Define your Spreadsheet Always include a welcome and about page on the first page of your spreadsheet. It is also a good idea to put contact information to the page in order for the user who to contact if there are any issues. For more information about General Spreadsheet Services, please visit,

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Create your spreadsheet look Create a theme on how your spreadsheet would look like, here are the things that you should consider: Color: color represents a certain type of data try to add minimal amount of colors on your spreadsheet. Make it more visually appealing.

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Size : make enough room for the data on each cell. Too long or too short can affect how the data is being presented. Numbers : Make sure that you used appropriate numbers in order to achieve organized and consistent data representation on your spreadsheet.

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Errors : Create error messages with relevant and concise instructions to help your users to easily understand what was wrong. Use graphs and charts Table data can be hard to understand, so it is a good idea to use graphs and charts when representing data it will give your spreadsheet a visually appealing look as well as understandable way on how data are being presented.

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Protect your spreadsheet Sensitive and crucial data must be protected, consider encrypting your workbook with a password in order to prevent the critical data to be modified.     Conclusion : Business plans and reports are usually done using MS word, it allows you to create different business documents and eventually come up inserting data from Excel, this can be time-consuming so you have to aware about the limitations and options.

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