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Improving Email Campaigns:

Improving Email Campaigns Getting Results from Email Marketing


Agenda Why Email Marketing? Best Practices for Email Design Testing Tools Building HTML Emails Campaign Examples Discussion

Why Email Marketing?:

Why Email Marketing? Improve E-commerce Target specific areas of a site Increase conversion (sales) Time Offers Offer subscriber only discounts and benefits Increase Brand Awareness Build Trust Relevance Target specific groups through segmentation

What’s Measured?:

What’s Measured? Delivery Rate Total number of emails sent Does NOT mean “delivered to inbox” Bounces Hard and soft bounces Open Rate (20-25%) Total number of HTML emails opened Excluding text emails, very misleading metric Unique Click Through (3-7%) Percentage of unique clicks on an email Good metric to use Conversions Ultimate metric, with help from web analytics

Subject Lines:

Subject Lines Very important Influence open rates Open rates decline (average 20-25%) Declining open rates increase importance Attention Grabbing Creative Avoid spam key words Buy, Sale, $, !, ALL CAPS 40-50 Characters

From Lines:

From Lines Also important Signify a trusted source Branding important Good: Rosetta,

Examples: From / Subject:

Examples: From / Subject Gmail Yahoo Webmail

HTML Design:

HTML Design Trust is a major factor Logo identity placement important Personalization is a plus Ex: Dear Jane Smith, Message must be discernible even if images are disabled

HTML Design:

HTML Design Layout Tips Avoid long message with scrolling Keep design within 650 pixels wide Keep total email including images around 100k in file size Optimize Images JPEG : 40-50 compression GIF : 32-64 colors “Call-to-action” above the fold and generally in the center or to the left of the email

Where is the Fold?:

Where is the Fold? Depends Generally 300-400 pixels down from the top depending on individual email viewer settings Web mail can increase width and height slightly Test designs to improve results


Content Message and Links Use links within body copy as a backup to buttons Use white space effectively Think billboard advertising Keep subject, headings and copy consistent with message Avoid Flash or audio inside emails Move Flash or rich media to a landing page

Design Challenges:

Design Challenges Outlook 2007 No Longer uses IE as a rendering engine Word 2007 as a rendering engine Lacks good CSS support Lotus Notes Strips out most CSS Requires strict HTML 4 coding Gmail Removes most CSS Strict SPAM filtering

Building Email HTML:

Building Email HTML Browsers / Viewers Outlook Yahoo Webmail Gmail Hotmail AIM Free Email Testing Services

Building Email HTML:

Building Email HTML More Robust Service Capabilities Dynamic Content Templates Team Development Segmentation List Management Advanced Web Site API

Building Email HTML:

Building Email HTML Why not just slice and send? Relies too much on ALT text for "call-to-action" Many recipients never enable images Decreases total delivered emails Flagged as spam

Building Email HTML:

Building Email HTML Code email as “old school” HTML Use strict HTML 4 coding Avoid CSS formatting Use short “call-to-action” ALT tag “call-to-action” for images and buttons Use spacer images for specific pixel layout Break design out into HTML as much as possible Optimize images for best delivery results

Building Email HTML:

Building Email HTML Markup Tips HTML Layout <table> Specify widths, image sizes Avoid cellspacing and cellpadding Use spacer images Fonts, Colors and Styles <font> <i> <strong>

Slide 23:

Branding Personalization Call to Action Spacer?! Banner?! [comp]?! Site Service, Spam Compliance Example Email (open)

Slide 24:

Example Email (w/ images enabled) Personalization Call to Action Site Service, Spam Compliance Branding

Slide 25:

Email View on Click (1024 x 768)

Slide 26:

Email View w/ Images Enabled (1024 x 768)

Slide 27:

Crate & Barrel in Gmail

Slide 28:

Crate & Barrel in Gmail

Slide 29:

Sanjaya-ize Viral Campaign Released on August 20th 494 Senders (Forwards) 772 Friends

Discussion / Sources:

Discussion / Sources

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