A Guide to Maintaining Fuel Injection Pumps

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The fuel injection pump is a device that pumps fuel into diesel engine cylinders. Traditionally, this pump function is driven by a toothed timing belt, chains, or by gears, which also drives the crankshaft.


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A Guide to Maintaining Fuel Injection Pumps: 3 Things Every User Must Know The fuel injection pump is a device that pumps fuel into diesel engine cylinders. Traditionally this pump function is driven by a toothed timing belt chains or by gears which also drives the crankshaft. In conventional four-stroke engines it rotates at half the speed of the crankshaft so as to arrive at the right timing for the injection process. As we can see the fuel injection pump is a key component for the functioning of a diesel engine as it is responsible for pumping fuel into the cylinders. Without it the engine will not be able to operate. Diesel is a heavy viscous fuel and to burn efficiently it needs to be atomised and be as fine as possible. This explains the need for building up high pressures – so that diesel fuel can be “sprayed ” as a fine mist. Fuel injection pumps operate in a high-pressure environment and as such they may be prone to wear and tear. However by taking care of your fuel injection pump and putting in the right maintenance work you can help the fuel injection pump last longer. Here are a few tips to help you keep your fuel injection pumps going strong 1. Only use high-quality diesel fuel – Avoid using just any diesel fuel. Choose a quality Tier 1 fuel meaning high- quality diesel which will help to minimize soot deposits in the fuel system. Good fuel will produce minimal residue and junk which helps to enhance the efficiency of fuel injection pumps. Using quality fuel can also reduce the frequency of replacing the filters clamps and hose too. In addition the diesel used should be clean Water dust or any impurities will be detrimental to your fuel injection system. 2. Change the diesel filters as recommended by the manufacturer – do so according to the suggested schedule and follow the manufacturer ’s instructions closely. If you are unfamiliar on how to replace the diesel filters please approach a diesel fuel injection workshop to help you. Do not try to “wash ” or “blow ” clean your diesel filters – replace them 3. Clean the fuel injection system – a complete clean of the fuel system should be performed periodically with the duration between cleans as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer check your owner ’s manual. To run the diesel engine optimally will require a precise combination of diesel and air. As such a cleaning job will help ensure that there are no obstructions and allow for the ideal mix of diesel and air. This will not just improve engine performance but it also helps prevent residue build up and thus is also good for engine longevity. As before due to the technical nature of this job it is advised to seek an experienced professional to complete the fuel injection system cleaning Fuel injection pumps are an integral component of the fuel injection system. By keeping in mind these maintenance tips you can help keep your fuel injection pump in good condition and allow it to continue functioning optimally for years to come. By practising these useful tips we hope they can help you to minimise unnecessary downtime and repairs

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