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Unité de Vestibulométrie Audiophonologie Hôpital Pédiatrique Robert Debré 48 Bld Sérurier 75019 PARIS FRANCE TREATMENT PLANNING FOR VERTIGO IN CHILDREN S.R. Wiener-Vacher

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Treatment of the crisis and post crisis symptoms Drugs Administration mode: Intraveinously or lyophilisat or pills Specific to symptoms Antivertiginous drugs: most of them have sedative effect (atarax, scopolamine) some not (acetyl leucine) Antiemetic drugs against vomiting (Vogalene) Antalgic or antimigrainous treatment for associated headache Symptomatic treatments

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Medical Surgical Prevention Physical therapy and Rehabilitation Treatment of the causes

Medical treatment : 

Medical treatment Migraine equivalent Recurrent invalidating vertigo Meniere syndroms Autoimmune disorders Labyrinthitis secondary to otitis media: treatment of the infection Most of them are long term treatment

Surgical treatment : 

Surgical treatment Perilymphatic fistulae (traumatic or congenital in case of fluctuating hearing loss) Chronic otitis media (cholesteatoma) Neurosurgery

Prevention of vertigo : 

Prevention of vertigo Avoid sportive activities with risk of head trauma if Inner ear malformation Regular shedule for living, respect of sleep time, no stress No excessive use of computer or screens

Physical therapy and rehabilitation : 

Physical therapy and rehabilitation VPPB ( canalolithiasis) Glasses and orthoptic training Rehabilitation for unilateral vestibular loss : rarely necessary in children Rehabilitation for bilateral vestibular loss or vestibular disorder associates to multisensory disorders

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