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The Medical Tourism Executive Course Cairo October 20-21 2010 Rosanna Moreno, J.D. CEO, RGM Global Partner, Global3

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Global Healthcare Marketing Cairo October 20-21 2010

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Global Marketing: Marketing and Strategic Plan Market Research, i.e. brand and consumer perception surveys Media Planning and Strategic Plan, i.e. internet, print, television, radio, patient to patient Identify and target key market segment, i.e. baby boomers, retirees Communication and Promotion Public Relations, i.e. Media, Events, Trade and Crisis Management , Trade Conferences Advertising, i.e. Destination Website, Social Media, Media Publications

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Global Marketing: Tourism Main Players and Partners Ministries of Tourism and Health (National Program) Develop new relationships Liaison between Private Sector and Travel Industry Assist Partners grow their business through incentives Convention and Visitors Bureau Hotel and Tour Operator Associations Meeting Planners and Facilitators Domestic and International Airlines Cruise Lines

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Global Marketing: Tourism Main Players and Partners Tour Operators Call Centers/Online Travel Agencies Travel Agents Healthcare Facilities, Clinics and Providers Medical Tourism Program Facilitators Foreign Diplomatic Corps in country Multinational companies in country Hotel Associations

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Global Marketing and Positioning: Whom do you Market? World class physicians and medical programs leveraging clinical and quality outcomes Training of physicians and level of technical skills Accessibility, Professionalism, Confidentiality Health Cluster and all institutions comprising the public and private investment Hospitals and clinics Accreditation Private vs. Public Spas and Wellness programs

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Global Marketing and Positioning: Tourism/Medical Tourism Opportunities Formation of a World Class Healthcare Cluster with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment Leverage all players in country thereby elevating profile Creation of new industry and investment with advanced bio-technology and laboratories, i.e. stem cell, innovative equipment, nanotechnology Combine strength of public sector with private sector resources Combine resources of Tourism Global outreach and campaigns with medical tourism providers Change domestic and global perceptions

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Global Marketing and Positioning: Tourism/Medical Tourism Opportunities Implementation of national standards for global accreditation Creation of standard protocol for patient acceptance National healthcare industry pricing transparency A satisfied medical tourist is the best marketing tool money can buy Target key markets regionally Incorporate leading academic institutions with global profile

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Global Marketing and Positioning: Egypt’s Case in Point Joint Commission International Accreditation As-Salam International Hospital , Cairo (July 2010) Dar Al Fouad Hospital, Giza (August 2008) Magrabi Eye Hospital, Cairo (August 2009) General Hospital vs. Specialty Hospital Academic affiliations and operational agreements International programs and services for patients Capture of regional market (Africa and Middle East) Insurance programs

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Global Marketing and Positioning: Egypt’s Case in Point Economic dependence on tourism, FDI and Suez Canal revenues Job creation and engine – 12% of jobs generated by tourism Economic contribution – $10.7B in 2009 w/increase by 17.6% Increase in American tourism – 321,000 in 2009 to 350,000 Increase in hotel capacity by 150,000 from 220,000 rooms Billions invested in infrastructure, marketing and human resources Cairo International Airport Terminal 3 – ease of entry Source: All About Egypt, Travel Age West (October 2010 issue)

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Global Marketing and Positioning: Egypt’s Case in Point Road Shows in United States Egypt Tourist Authority Egyptian Hotel Association Egyptian Travel Agents Association Egyptian Tourism Federation Tour operators and companies Egyptian Consulate General move to Los Angeles from San Francisco - market expansion Destination focus of Nile River, Red Sea and Sinai Peninsula EgyptAir direct flights from NY with decrease in lay-over time Source: All About Egypt, Travel Age West (October 2010 issue)

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