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Communication Skills :

Communication Skills


Objectives Communication The Communication Cycle Types of Communication Styles of Communication Listening General Tips

What is communication ????? :

What is communication ????? Defined as a process in which information is exchanged between individuals through various forms such as speech, signs, behaviors.

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An Active Listener, An Effective Presenter, A Quick Thinker. A Win-Win Negotiator. WHAT MAKES A GOOD COMMUNICATOR ? Software Testing Help

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A Good Communicator

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Bad Communicator

Types of communication:

Types of communication VERBAL COMMUNICATION : Words Voice Modulation NON-VERBAL COMMUNICATION : Posture & Movement Gestures Facial Expression


VERBAL COMMUNICATION Use Simple Language Grammatically correct Avoid slang Be precise and to the point!

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Dont DO’s I cant do this I cant help you I don’t know I’ll check it for you… You don’t understand!! You are WRONG! Let me explain…. I think…. I suggest You will have to …. In order to completye the process, WE will have to… “NO” in the beginning of the sentence.. I am afraid.. I would love to do it however… What? What did you say? Pardon me? But.. However..


NON VERBAL COMMUNICATION Voice Modulation Diction Tone Pitch Volume Rate


NON VERBAL COMMUNICATION POSTURE and MOVEMENT Stand TALL The difference between towering and cowering is totally a matter of inner posture Leaves an impression


NON VERBAL COMMUNICATION BODY LANGUAGE The study of body movement and expression. Humans move their bodies when communicating because it helps "ease the mental effort when communication is difficult. Physical expressions reveal many things about the person using them Lack of animation = lack of interest

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BASIC PHYSICAL EXPRESSION WHICH CAN GO WRONG! Cross his/her arms across the chest Can mean that the person is expressing opposition Harsh/blank expression often indicates hostility and not bothered.

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Eye Contact , Boredom, Facial expression, Gestures 90% of the communication calls for involvement. Consistent eye contact can indicate that a person is thinking positively of what the speaker is saying. It can also mean that the other person doesn't trust the speaker enough to "take their eyes off“ the speaker. Lack of eye contact can indicate negativity. Look for 5 to 10 secs before looking away. Boredom is indicated by the head tilting to one side, or by the eyes looking straight at the speaker but becoming slightly unfocused

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Face expression and gestures shows your involvement in the conversation. Always smile when speaking to a person. The face is something that can communicate without even using the mouth to speak.




AGGRESSIVE COMMUNICATION You choose and make decisions for others. You’ll participate in a win-lose situation only if you’ll win. Others feel humiliated, defensive, resentful and hurt around you. The outcome is usually that your goal is achieved at the expense of others You put others down to protect yourself


PASSIVE COMMUNICATION You allow others to choose and make decisions for you and are emotionally dishonest. The outcome is that others achieve their goals at your expense. Your rights are violated. Your underlying belief is that you should never make someone uncomfortable or displeased except yourself.

Assertive communication:

Assertive communication You choose and make decisions for you and are confident. You are sensitive and caring with your honesty. You are direct and straight forward. You convert win-lose situations to win-win ones. You are willing to compromise and negotiate. Others feel valued and respected.


LISTENING Be calm and collected all the time and loud enough to be easily heard Speak slowly and use words with accurate diction and correct pronunciation. Be vibrant and enthusiastic. Have patience even if its boring. Give others a chance to speak and not just keep bragging. Keep it simple (KISS) Method

General Tips:

General Tips Non Verbal Make your presence felt in the crowd. Check your posture and dress appropriatly for the occasion Greet people with smile. Shake hands properly Avoid words that hurt Change abrasive behavior Handle disagreements with tact

General Tips:

General Tips Attitude Eliminate Negative Feelings Be receptive to New Ideas Take Responsibility Respect the Other Person’s Point of View Don’t take yourself too seriously Be Real Intend to Improve, visualise and be fexible

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