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Scrappy Apparel is a screen printing company that offers custom screen printing and embroidery services. It was formed in the year 2006, and it renders its service in USA. Business houses often prefer to go for cheap tshirts printing service, as they can use the tshirts as a marketing tool. Screen printers allows them to easily go for bulk tshirt printing and that too at an affordable rate. Moreover, one can go for the water-base or discharge screen printing technique for it.


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Cheap Tshirts Printing Scrappy Apparel Company Woodridge, IL, USA Ph. - 877-397-7279


About Scrappy Apparel Company Serigraphy and needlework specialist, Scrappy Apparel Company (SAC), has been in the profession of apparel decoration since 2006. The firm makes use of green techniques of serigraphy to bring about beautiful, high-quality, soft-hand designs on apparel. The fabric medium can be of a number of garments, including T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, tanks, V-necks, and zip ups.


The Cheap Tshirts Printing Techniques Used The company uses eco-friendly techniques like water-base and discharge methods to decorate garments. These cheap Tshirts printing methods are not like the conventional plastisol ways, which bring about uneven, opaque designs. Rather, they maintain the desired softness of patterns without causing any harm to the environment.


Screen Printing : Breaking Free From Traditions Although screen printing, by tradition, has been a lot about plastisol inks, Scrappy Apparel Company does it in a different way. It makes use of water-base and discharge inks that are known to impart soft-hand prints on any garment used. The results are better, softer and natural – just like the way people desire them to be.


Water Base Screen Printing for Organic Designs Water base screen printing has been one of the most popular alternatives to plastisol methods. This technique does not make use of PVC molds to create designs. Rather, the inks are water-soluble and get easily soaked into the fabric used. They take less time to dry as compared to plastisol inks and can come up with amazing, organic designs on light colored apparel.


Discharge Screen Printing for Darker Garments The method of discharge screen printing, on the other hand, is meant for dark colored clothes. Yes, they can be printed using plastisol inks, but, not without underbases. But, this special method makes use of water-base inks along with an added chemical bleach, which works in a bleach-and-dye manner to bring about soft-hand designs without an underbase.


Custom Screen Printing Using Green Technology Custom screen printing using green techniques is the preferred choice at Scrappy Apparel Company. We make sure to keep the environment safe while we decorate apparel with high-quality, soft-hand, vibrant patterns and designs. Instead of harsh chemicals for curing, we use eco-friendly inks, which need no curing, and can dry at room temperature.


Quality Of Scrappy Apparel Because these green inks are absorbed easily by the fabric used, there is no chance that they could stick to the surface of the garments and look like hardened plastic casts, stuck simply onto them. These inks, thus, help in creating soft-hand designs which look more natural and like original parts of the fabric. At Scrappy Apparel Company, we deliver the highest possible quality of printed designs to our customers at affordable rates.


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