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Scrapping your Car online Junk cars are essentially vehicles that are old and/or damaged enough that selling it for parts would be more cost effective than spending money on repairs. To avoid the complexity of transferring a car to another state the car owner can scrap the vehicle. Scrapping an old vehicle is one of the safest options available. This ensures that the car is chopped into pieces and recycled. The chances of it being used for unauthorized activities are completely eliminated as well. Process of Scrapping Car Some points to note about the scrapping process are as follows: ▪ When the car is scrapped its chassis number is taken out before the scrap is sent for recycling. ▪ The car owner is expected to approach an authorized scrap dealer for car scrapping. The dealer should be able to ensure that the vehicle is

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disposed off in a safe manner without any adverse impact on the environment. ▪ The car owner should also approach the RTO and inform them about the scrapping of the vehicle. There is an option to deregister the car as well. ▪ The scrap dealer will perform a physical inspection of the car and quote a price for scrapping based on the weight of the vehicle. Once an agreement is reached the scrap dealer will remove the car parts and segregate them into rubber plastic iron etc. ▪ The car owner can negotiate on the price he/she gets for different car parts such as battery tyres etc. This largely depends on the condition of these parts as well. If the car has a CNG unit fitted then this can also be dealt with separately. ▪ One of the precautions you should take is to check whether the car has actually been scrapped by the scrap dealer. There could be instance wherein the scrap dealer does not really scrap the vehicle and then it may change hands and be used for illegal activities. This could invite trouble for the original car owner as the registration of the vehicle is in his/her name. Benefits of Scrapping Car: Extra Money: If you are running low on cash then it might be time to finally get rid of that old car that you can’t use anymore. On top of this most of the times you won’t even need to spend any money getting your car to the place that is going to scrap it. Although you might have lost your initial investment that you put in the car you will be essentially getting money for a piece of junk. You’ll get more money depending on the make and model so make sure to get a few different quotes before committing. Good for the Environment: If you are trying to help to save the environment then you should think about scrapping your car. When your car is scrapped the metal is recycled meaning that there is less of a need for more metal to be created in the future. Your scrapped car could be used to make something else that is made out of recycled metal such as tins. When new metal is made greenhouse gases are emitted contributing to global warming. When metal from your car is reused

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this is not the case. Make sure to try out Scrap My Car Birmingham if you want to make your mark on the environment. Saves Energy: When the metal is made from recycled metal you could be seeing as much as 92 per cent of energy saved for aluminum. When copper is made 90 per cent of energy is saved and the figures stand at 56 per cent for steel. Make sure to consider this if you are thinking about scraping your car and need that extra push to help the environment. Economic Benefits: The final benefit of scrapping your car is regarding the economic benefits that the recycling industry will see. This is because it is a lot easier and therefore cost-effective to recycle metal rather than mining ore. The reason being you only need to melt and reshape metal rather than do the smelting and minor. When the recycling industry is able to save money on this they are able to spend money on other things such as the wages of workers or even reducing taxes. The economic benefits might not affect you directly but you definitely will see them. Final Verdict: If you are thinking about Where to scrap my car you should make the call as soon as possible. There are so many different companies that will be present in your local area that can come pick up your car and scrap it for you. When you do so you’ll be able to get your hands on some extra money that you can spend on something else. You should also think about the benefits that scrapping your car can have on the environment. Recycling metal reduces the amount of greenhouse gas that is present on the planet and this is something which we really need to tackle. There is always much to consider when scrapping a car. Knowing that you’re helping the environment can be an attractive bonus. In addition to deciding how you will replace the old car - no car used car or new car all help the environment in different ways - a little research can go a long way. We have been salvaging vehicles for decades. We take pride in our contributions to a cleaner more sustainable environment.

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