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Scott Seegott was always been interested in business studies, economics and other fields of social sciences. It’s because of this reason that he opted for Economics as a 4-year program from Stony Brook Public University. Soon after his graduation, he pursued Masters in Business Administration. To know more about him visit his official site


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S c o t t S e e g o t t CEO and Majority Shareholder Hotel Milano Ltd. | Majority Shareholder Villa Rentals

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Scott C Seegott has managed to accomplish many milestones in his career. He owned two rental apartments from 1992-2000 in Florida USA. He possesses great skills when it comes to crisis management capital planning cash flow and cost management. He is renowned for his customer-focused approach unmatched strategies and critical thinking skills which he employs in his work field

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Scott Seegott is a leader professional and exceptional being with innovative skills which he employs in hotel management. He started his career as a Security Director and GM at a restaurant in the USA. He has also been working since 2013 at Odessa Ukraine Hotel Milano ltd as a CEO and Majority shareholder.

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Scott C Seegott has been working since 2015 at the Dominican Republic Villa Rentals Majority Shareholder. His academic credentials include a bachelor in economics from Stony Brook Public University and have completed his Master’s in Business Administration.

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Scott Seegott is a detail-focused professional having exceptional communication skills. For almost 19 years he served as a Harley Davidson Battley Cycles Minor partner.

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Scott Seegott is ROI strategy planning Optimization of purchasing Implementation of crisis management strategies and Re-financing processes.

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THANKS FOR YOUR ATTENTION To know more about him visit his official site

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