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Presents Perma – Liner No Dig Pipe Replacement System


Product Overview The Perma-Liner pipe lining system can permanently replace existing building service pipelines in diameters from 2" with little or no excavation . Permanently eliminating structural and intrusive problems commonly found in pipelines such as fractures roots and displacement.


A thorough video inspection is preformed of the pipe to be relined. The host pipe is also measured and located at this time. The host pipe is then cleaned with a high pressure water jetting system to ensure proper contact for the relining material. Step 1


The Process Step 2 The system utilizes a soft tube liner. The liner incorporates a smooth flexible PVC exterior and a soft felt like interior. The liner is measured and cut to the length of the existing pipe to be rehabilitated.


Step 3 The felt liner interior is filled with a two part epoxy .The saturated liner is placed on a roller system to ensure the epoxy has been thoroughly absorbed into the entire length of the tube.


Step 4 The epoxy filled liner is then rolled up into a hopper. The hopper is then sealed and attached to the inverter head. The Hopper is then pressurized with a small amount of air pressure.


Step 5 Once the hopper is filled to pressure the liner is then inverted or “shot” through the existing pipeline so that the epoxy filled felt interior makes contact with the pipe wall via air pressure. Next a calibration tube is inserted. The calibration tube or balloon is then filled with air pressure to maintain pipe wall integrity and assist in the drying process.


Step 6 Once hardened the newly installed liner permanently replaces the old pipe with a seamless sleeve. It will be free from roots, offsets and instantly repairing any cracks or defects.


Repairs pipes without the need for extensive excavation Reduces need to need to open street to complete repair Seals cracked pipe permanently and repairs offset joints Eliminates roots permanently Increases flow rate Repairs missing pipe up to 2 feet Certified NSF standard -14 and IAMPO plumbing code Works on any pipe material: cast iron, clay, and PVC Styrene Free Resin


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