Most innovative uses of virtual reality with Oculus Apps

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Most innovative uses of virtual reality with Oculus Rift apps:

Most innovative uses of virtual reality with Oculus Rift apps

Virtual Reality :

Virtual reality is all about presence in the virtual world. For virtual reality the app called Oculus rift is used. VR can be used for creating games. Learning VR might be more efficient than in real life. The VR environment may be ‘virtual’ by nature, but it can provide solutions for many real world challenges, which would otherwise require a lump sum amount of money and time. Virtual Reality

Oculus Rift:

Oculus rift is an upcoming virtual reality head mounted display, being developed by Oculus VR. The Oculus rift is a virtual reality headset that allows players step inside their interested games and virtual worlds . Oculus Rift

Innovative uses of VR:

Virtual Reality in Health care Surgery simulations Robotic surgery Skills training Fully interactive environment Training scenarios Innovative uses of VR

Virtual Reality in Military:

Military training Flight simulation using cave systems Battlefield simulation Medic training Vehicle simulation Virtual boot camp Virtual Reality in Military

Virtual Reality in Entertainment:

Gaming Theatre Virtual theme parks Virtual museums Virtual Reality in Entertainment

About Learnsauce:

Learnsauce , an online institution with several aspects for both mobile and web development comes as a boon to all developers and learners. Aptly calling itself ‘the virtual library’, the website has complete sets of tutorials, from developing an app and integrating it with several features and for creating websites as well.   For details  About Learnsauce

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