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Find an issue after installing AOL desktop gold “AOL desktop gold won’t open” or “AOL gold not loading”. Then don’t feel bothered; This is the most common problem that is faced by users and feeling frustrated. Whatever, feel free read given troubleshooting on AOL desktop gold not working and make your AOL free from bugs. Reference URL:


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AOL Desktop Gold Won’t Open – Quick Fix:

AOL Desktop Gold Won’t Open – Quick Fix


TO PI C S 2 Here’s list of topics that is listed by this presentation. * Indicates That Leads AOL Gold Did not Work Error * Reasons Why AOL Desktop Gold Won’t Open * Why can't I open AOL on my Computer? * Troubleshooting on AOL Gold Won’t Open


Symptoms There might be some indications that lead to AOL gold not working problems . Let’s start with AOL desktop gold won’t open symptoms 3

Suddenly a blank screen appears when you are working.:

Suddenly a blank screen appears when you are working. 1

No response when you try to click on AOL Gold icon:

No response when you try to click on AOL Gold icon 2

AOL gold opens but the web page is still frozen.:

AOL gold opens but the web page is still frozen. 3

No Error Warning:

No Error W arning 4


REASONS For users, it becomes quite difficult to find out the reason behind when your AOL gold is not responding . There can be several issues for this problem. 8


9 A few of the reasons are listed below for the problem AOL Desktop Won't Open.  If your system has a corrupted or damaged hard disk . Corrupt or smashed software files . Incompatibility between software files and systems that you have installed on Windows system . Disruption in the downloading process that is caused due to the presence of any virus or malware in the system.  Improper installation of the gold software in the system.


Why C an't I O pen AOL on my Computer ? 10

One Way to Fix :

One Way to Fix 11 So, one way to fix AOL not opening or AOL won’t start is to launch it from Windows instead of from the AOL Desktop Manager shortcut.  To do that: Open "All Apps," and then click the " AOL Desktop Manager" program and see if it starts. If it doesn't, the program may be damaged and will need to be repaired before you can use AOL .

Effective Fix AOL Gold Won’t Open Error:

Effective Fix AOL Gold Won’t Open Error L ooking for a solution to troubleshoot AOL gold problems then here are some tricks to resolve the problem.  Just Apply them & remove AOL gold icon not loading problem. 12

Verify & Update the Application:

1 Verify & Update the Application AOL desktop gold has an automatic update feature. But sometimes there is an issue, you will receive AOL desktop gold download failed message . In this case, check the update available option and do it manually. Read troubleshooting guide on AOL desktop gold automatic update not working

Restart Your Computer System:

2 Restart Your Computer System Restart or reboot methods always work to fix each and every problem. So, you should try this method to get rid of AOL gold not working

Check your Internet Connection:

3 Check your Internet Connection Check internet connection; If your internet connection is not quite strong, it stops your software from responding.  To resolve Internet problem, read troubleshooting on AOL desktop gold won’t connect to internet 

Scan for Malware or Virus :

4 Scan for Malware or Virus If your AOL desktop gold has stopped working due to malware or viruses in the system then you need to eliminate it from your system . To remove such types of virus, download Antivirus software and scan your whole system.

More Fixes to Resolve AOL Problem::

More Fixes to Resolve AOL Problem: 17 Clear the browser's cache through the browser Settings option.  Disable any firewall or security software that may prevent AOL Gold from opening .    Stop or pause any downloads that may be disrupting your internet connection . Also, take help from given troubleshooting guide if you might come across Troubleshooting AOL Desktop Gold 104 Error Restore Missing AOL Desktop Gold Icon


You can get an instant resolution of your queries without utilizing your much time as well as effort. So stop thinking and call desktop gold experts  in case you are troubled because of technical errors.  THANKS 18 Source URL: Website:

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