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This presentation tells how to detect or monitor failing hard drive.


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How to check the failing drive?:

How to check the failing drive ?

To check the drive is failing or not?:

To check the drive is failing or not ? Download the software Unpack the . dmg file. Decompress the zip file and click on . dmg file. Double click on the mounted file. Then drag it to the Application folder Now double click on the file in Applications folder and accept its license agreement.

3 steps to monitor Macintosh HDur hard drive:

3 steps to monitor Macintosh HD ur hard drive Check the SMART status Surface scan to detect bad sectors Measure Disk/Volume performance

S.M.A.R.T. status:

S.M.A.R.T . status It shows the list of SMART attributes corresponding to the disk selected.

Surface scan:

Surface scan The software starts performing a surface scan and differentiates healthy blocks from bad ones using a unique color scheme

Measure drive performance:

Measure drive performance This will show you the drive performance via three graphs: Bar graph, Line graph and Raw data .

Back up your data :

Back up your data If you sense any upcoming data loss situation, you can take backups of disk partitions using Stellar Drive Monitor. Backups help in recovering back the data after data loss.

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Thanks Presented by: Sarah Cooper

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